Hi Guys!

Another very exciting week at Pearl Lemon, so let’s get right into it!

The week started with working closely with two new partners on trial- Amirtha, a digital marketer  and Mizo, our infographic expert. I had to work very closely with Amirtha as she was to help be with Serpwizz tasks so that I could concentrate on other tasks which needed immediate attention.

I started off by giving her a very simple Digital PR task for Serpwizz, which aimed at writing pitches to HARO reporters. Since I expected her to be relatively new to this task, I made sure to forward her the training video, which was created by Heather. Unfortunately, her style wasn’t very impressive, and I started to delegate more social media strategy related tasks which weren’t a great fit to our list of requirements either.

Due to the above, we had to let go of her, but we parted as friends and wished her the best for all her future endeavours!

Mizo, however, turned out to be a complete rockstar as he started sharing with me teasers of our upcoming Serpwizz training video and I cannot wait to see the final result!

The Serpwizz website and tool have undergone various improvements over the past week such as the FAQs added by our team members are up, and the ‘About Us’ section is in the safe hands of Kaushal, scheduled to be up in a couple more days! The auditing tool has been showing a lot of issues and the development team have finally got a crack on it and hopefully, it will all get sorted out to the earliest.

The only thing that set us back last week was the content issues. The development team was noticed making grammatical errors, and from our end, sufficient content wasn’t provided. In response to this, Heather really stepped it up and took 90% of the work off my shoulder by correcting these errors, making sheets and looms, while I focussed on writing the toolkit content which is an additional piece of content on the audit page.

Today’s team meeting was my first after a two-week gap, and it was a blast! We had so many new people who joined the team recently, and it was so great meeting everyone!

The only sad news I was met with was the fact that Fares, our Web Designer and Sam, our Marketing Executive, were no longer a part of our programme! I worked with Fares closely for video content creation and am surely going to miss him!

That was all for this week, see for in a bit!

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