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This is Akhila – HR Executive at Pearl Lemon, This is Akhila – HR Executive at Pearl Lemon and I’m back here to share my experiences of this week. This week I’m pretty busy in recruitment and applications and I’m still enjoying at my granny’s place

I generally love gardening and at my granny’s place I will have a chance to spend in the garden and these days I have known the importance and advantages of gardening. I will share with you now:   

1)Growing a garden encourages people to engage in other behaviors and activities that promote wellness

2)Home gardeners who choose to grow food organically reduce their exposure to pesticides

3)People end up potentially eating produce with a higher nutrient content

4)Gardening also reduces stress and improves mental health.

Here is the picture of my granny’s garden  and the weather here is awesome and peace at the same time

Coming to my work , My day starts with checking mails, messages and applications 

Every day my day starts with checking emails, messages, and applications,I was performing tasks like Interviewing applicants, assigning the tasks and managing them on their trial week. This week we have many applicants on trial:

Two for website designing 

Two for Public Relations 

One for Research Analyst 

Three for Digital Marketing and Lead Generation. All seem to be very enthusiastic and I’m looking forward to have them to our team

– Extracting leads from the clutch and the job boards

– Managing and observing the Interns on trial and  assigning the tasks to them and admin stuff 

– Continued adding Domain Ratings to our Clutch Listings

– This week I learned how to transcript the videos because I was working on a transcription of our PlantSumo podcast videos with different vegan backgrounds. It was very interesting listening to the Interview

– Posted Job ad for Video Editor position

Overall this week was pretty busy with the recruitment . Thanks all for reading my blog post, I will get back to you all next week! Have a great weekend!


Stay Safe and Take Care

– Akhila ( HR Executive )


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