Writing out my Sunday post a bit behind schedule today. It is 2:45- I started with situating the Stripe to FreeAgent invoicing. This week was finals week and ended on a very burnt out Friday. It does not happen often with me, but it typically happens during finals week if it does. Despite my track record I often put too much pressure on perfection my final week of each term session, so

Friday ended with a 4 hour work day and taking the typical 2 hour block I do at night off. Saturday was a morning off and a slow afternoon to try to regroup. Then the unfortunate delay started on Sunday due to having a virus hit full swing for 12 hours straight…. Thank you Zofran.

I am back at the apartment for my spring break. I am getting help this weekend with Todd to have a little assistance and in the middle of the week I am helping my friend once she comes home from surgery. In the meantime, we did celebrate me finishing my finals and portfolios by taking out two little guys out to breakfast.

Breakfast foods are always my favorite foods. After this breakfast, me and Toni settled on going out for breakfast once a month. This will typically be at Toast n’ Jams because of the celiac friendly menu and kitchen for Toni. Todd is also at a fun age where he will actually eat breakfast when we go out, so it is a nice social outing for him too, given we rock most days just the two of us.

For Pearl Lemon this week I still think I managed to get a good amount done despite a couple of drawbacks.

This week’s queue went through:

Coming up this week:

I am excited for what this school break will bring forward. Without hiccups it should be fully productive. Spring break means I can pull 6 hours of work each day…or more. With at least 6 each day that already pulls over a 40 hour work week, which I suppose isn’t bad. Some like the breaks, I do too, but for different reasons. Some use them for relaxing, I use them to feel like a real adult and just focus on work and leisure and finding a future balance rather than non stop school, work, housework, Todd repeat.

As always, as an partner, I look forward to the idea that hopefully soon I will be able to start rising rank. This being rising by finally being able to secure and afford to have a car so I am not stuck home every day, being able to move out and build myself up again (I very much miss my own space and not occupying my childhood room at my Mom’s). As much of a challenge off-grid living in the mountains was, I miss my independence and own space. It is also easy to miss the mountain view daily.

I feel like this is a bit short, but am ready to wrap up this post for today. It has been 35 minutes, so I am antsy and want to push forward in my day. This will be a good step forward. By the time I get this posted and shared I will almost be at “break one” for the day. I am finally settled into the 3 working blocks a day in 2 hour sprints. Like when I was first learning, I found this to be the best work routine for me, it allows for the most productivity, while being able to have breaks to play with Todd, get all my errands and cleaning done and personal time each day.