Hi there all!

It’s been quite a busy couple weeks – you may have noticed that I’ve missed an update!

Not to worry, I’ll be filing you in on all of that here.

As you know, I’ve been working diligently on a couple client Linkedin campaigns as well as internal ones over the last couple of months. Unfortunately, one of the client campaigns has come to an end during the last week. Working Den, the company focused on improving the work/life balance of remote workers, has decided not to continue with us for Linkedin lead generation due to seeing lower results than expected. Although this is understandable, it was still disappointing that we were not able to secure the client their desired returns. However, I am still working with Sure Oak, the SEO company who are working with us for a Linkedin campaign, and have been gaining quite a bit of traction over there. I’ve managed to book more calls over the past 2 weeks than the rest of the campaign, so I would count that as a victory!

Logan from Sure Oak’s booking calendar!

In terms of the internal campaign, it is running across 3 different Linkedin accounts to target a diverse audience. Sam has been helping me quite a bit with this campaign, but we have also brought in a new person: Hamza! Hamza is just getting started and learning the ropes of lead generation, but he will be taking over for Sam after his last day (tomorrow) :(. I’m excited to be working with Hamza, but I’ll miss working with Sam who has gotten quite good at responding to messages and working with people over Linkedin!

In other news, I am still working on the video course content creation – yes! It’s been taking forever, and there are more being added to the list everyday! Unfortunately, Fares, who was working on the project with me, has also left the partnership program, but Sanket (a new partner!) has stepped in to help. As of now, he will be working on editing videos and I will be handling subtitling them. As soon as one is ready to upload, we will work out who will get that task.

Brand new Google Sheet for the video content creation task with Sanket!

The biggest change over the last couple weeks has been the rapid expansion of the partnership program! Not only has the number of partners grown to nearly 30, but Dee has decided to start revamping it to become an “academy” of sorts. No longer will the program be as informal, but people can now (or will soon be able to) come to Pearl Lemon to finely hone their business, marketing, and SEO skills in a real world environment while interacting with clients and other people in the field.

On a more personal note, I’ve been extremely busy outside of Pearl Lemon, preparing for upcoming exams at university, participating in my real estate course, and maintaining everything at home. In the US, our presidential election is coming up, so I’ve been watching the debates between the candidates and their vice presidents. Analysts are staying that this election will be the first of its kind, instead of pitting a status quo against change, it will pit disruption against change. The country seems pretty split and I’m curious to see the outcome of the election since this is the most passionate I’ve seen anyone about voting since I’ve been alive.

The poster for the US Vice Presidential Debate, Kamala Harris and Mike Pence