Last full week of September and here in Italy it already feels like autumn!

The bad thing is that the atmosphere is quite sad as suddenly everything gets grey and gloomy and it makes me miss summer even more. The good thing is that you can stay inside working as you won’t be missing much outside. Especially when it’s rainy – I feel so grateful to wake up on a rainy day knowing I can work from home and won’t have to commute anywhere.

This week has been quite repetitive and my main task was recruitment.

Here’s the list of people I was trying to hire:

You can imagine how many applications I have received and how many people I interviewed. Basically I was in touch with applicants all day long to make sure I could speak quite fast even to people in a different timezone.

Besides this, I was managing new people on trial, such as:

Usually people on trial are guided by the partner who has the most experience in the field where the applicant will work on. Being the HR manager results in me providing them with the correct documents to check and sign, training courses to go through before starting any work, support in case of any problem, and so on. When it comes to the technical part, I usually let the other partner lead the way, but at least for the first week I would check everything runs smoothly.

Other tasks I have worked on were about optimising and updating training courses, giving feedback to people’s work and to applicants’ strategy propositions.

I’ve also started working on Plant Sumo a bit more and so far, I have mostly carried out administrative tasks.

Last but not least, I finally recorded my video testimonial for Pearl Lemon. Yes, it took me almost 3 months and I know it’s disappointing…but better late than never!

We’ll catch up soon!