It is 10:40 starting out, Sundays are my “ritual” days. Although I don’t take much rest, Sundays have a very particular flow I follow, so it is like a rest. I do not have to think much about what I have to do or will do, a routine has developed where I just do it and allows a certain “mindless” aspect to the day that lets the more active thinking that happens Monday through Saturday be on standby….so for a work-a-holic it’s a day off.

This week in Pearl Lemon life has been a little hectic and different. This is mostly with having a given 48-hours to rest and not do Pearl Lemon items. Being I can’t just rest…I ended up pulling a ten hour class day for Monday and finishing main class items Tuesday and cleaning the art studio up. That is in hopes I am able to make and sell pieces over summer with the “move out” button being smashed by the family and no good way or path to get a second job without a car.

This did allow some further fine tuning of my portfolios while I wait for them to be reviewed. Also in the world of student and partner, my college wants to feature me as a highlighted student for the Spring Newsletter. That is a nice recognition for myself.

This week spent time across:

Having a good kickoff meeting, technically it is the 2nd, but we had late joiners and no-shows for the first and it served mostly as a “hey we have never really met on video yet”. I think this will be a good thing, especially as it will help me gather more info on what i needed from me and who needs support for items.

Today’s docket:

Outside of Pearl Lemon, it has been interesting from a World view. Watching the mass hysteria with CoronaVirus. I tend to stay away from watching too much news or reading too much. I remember one article, unsure of legitimacy fully, stating that Covid-19 made its way through the US and areas of it back in the fall when there were strange 4-week long flu cases. And as conspiracy theorist as it sounds, it is always odd that there is some pandemic of sorts during every election year.

Although I got 5 hours yesterday, I allowed myself to take less to help my family. I went and took my sister and got money and grocery lists for my Mom and Grandparents to do shoppings, so they wouldn’t have to go out. My Mom kept Todd to avoid his little self being at risk given he took 9 days to get over a virus… urgent care opted to not run tests and just sent us with Zofran and instructions to force the fluids. On a more fun grandparent note, I got my quarter books from my grandpa. Fun memories of hunting quarters for all 12 books he had, two books for each grandkid.

In other life news, it is day 2 back on keto, I stick 20-25 carbs a day with a minimum of 17. I am too impatient to count calorie deficit right now and I have hit a plateau mark, so time to shake things up again. Photo below was from yesterday and below that was almost 8 years ago and with it was about 6 months ago, but I am still “in progress” and would like to be in “maintenance.” Down 104, I am banking on 10 more, but the doc says it should be closer to 20 more. I question my 5’8 stature with wide shoulders and a “field worker’s build” to support being 130-135 pounds like the doc says.

That is all for today’s notes though. It is 11:26 and my brain is starting to pull in every direction thinking about knocking things out today, so time to get this posted and shared and on with the day….and maybe more coffee.