Hi everyone 


Rachael back with another update on my week. Going to be a shorter one than usual. 


Have been unwell all of this week with the flu and subsequently lost my voice, so recording looms and going to meetings has been a big no no for me. 


Concentrating with a temperature and blocked sinuses hasn’t exactly been easy, but I have got some work done this week. If this blog doesn’t read as smoothly as the others, you’re not imagining things- my brain feels like mush at the moment. I can’t even properly focus on ‘I’m A Celeb’ and it’s the final friday ( I believe). 


I’m making it my priority to recover over the weekend, and be ready to smash things on Monday. 


Despite this, I did still get some stuff done. Here are my top highlights. 


Editing Isabela’s LinkedIn Copywriting 

Isabela has written some LinkedIn Copywriting and asked me to make some edits to it to make it more humorous. 


This form of copywriting is for messaging sequences via LinkedIN Lead Gen on behalf of businesses. 


And it’s difficult to do really- as, like cold calling, people are never particularly pleased to get promotional emails from companies, so getting someone’s attention via these messages (rather than irritating them) is a real balancing act. 


Comedy is one of the most successful ways to get someone to give you their time. I don’t consider myself an especially funny person, so It’s flattering to be asked to read over what Isabele had written, which was already great. 

Podcast Blogs

This week I’ve been writing more podcast recap blogs for the ‘meet the team’ interviews I did. This week I’ve covered Isabela and Salim.


For Salim, I interviewed him quite a while ago now, so I needed to listen to the podcast to go over the details to choose my major highlights. 


He’s a lovely bloke, real family man so I chose to focus a lot on that and how family concerns had shaped his diet. The guy takes his kids to the local farmers market every weekend like…he’s got his life in order, I want to take some notes, because there is a market near where I live and i’ve 😵 never been. 


For Isabela I focused more on her comments surrounding the necessity of social media to online promotion. And how building a concrete sense of your brand is so important. We also discussed how humanity has always been predominantly plant-based, and I did some research into the hunter gatherer lifestyle for this recap post which I found fascinating. 


Isabela’s role has changed so much at Plant Sumo keeping track of that while writing this blog was critical. However, this also means I had a ton, past and present to discuss in regards to what she brings to the team. 

PS Medium Writing


Ive also continued this week writing blog content for medium and maximising my account with the help of Chris, who Is writing coach for all the content writers here. I’ve read through a lot of his articles and guides on the process and had a meeting with him (before my voice went, haha) to discuss our strategy. 


Other than that I have been adding to my medium post on the vegan teacher, which I feel if written in a great way could blow up due to the vegan interest in how toxic her behaviour is online. I could also write it in a way which truly showcases the ethos of Plant Sumo, which would be fantastic for our brand building.