I’m going towards the end of a crazy week!

Yesterday during the team meeting, I defined it “annoyingly busy” and the main reason is that I got stuck on probably the worst task I’ve ever done with Pearl Lemon!

You may be surprised when I’ll tell you the task was about signing Plant Sumo up on food delivery services such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat and similar platforms.

For those who don’t know, Plant Sumo is a super new business about vegan and vegetarian food which we deliver in London. We’re specialised in all plants and plant-based meals and soon we are going to launch it. Check out our website!

You may wonder why I think this was such a bad task. In a nutshell, I have spent so much time doing so little because nothing was going smoothly. To sign up on similar websites, you need to:

  1. Understand what is required
  2. Reach out to people with the information you need
  3. Collect many documents to upload in the correct format
  4. Hope all instructions are given to you and that the customer service is collaborative and informative

Amplify the difficulties of these steps as we are a brand new company and many things are hard to find.

Long story short, I’m still trying to sort things out even if I was helped by two people in the team – I will never thank them enough!

The rest of my time was spent on a lot of people management – really, a lot!

These people were:

As I said in the team meeting, I was never feeling alone!

Next week I will need to take more time to work autonomously on some tasks to be more productive. In theory, I won’t be involved in any hiring tasks as we’ve put all our job ads on hold. Yesterday, 22 people were attending the team meeting and some partners were even absent! It’s a huge number considering 3 months ago – when I joined Pearl Lemon – we were less than 10 people!

I have to admit I really appreciated my colleagues’ help these days!

In particular:

It turns out this week I worked double the time I was expected to. I definitely need some rest now and I’m lucky because this weekend is a special one!

Some weeks ago, I mentioned you were going to find out about a special family project. So here’s my big news: yesterday we welcomed home a new puppy!

Two years after our previous dog passed away, my family and I were ready to have another one and now we’re so happy the moment has come.

Here she is on her dog bed made by my mom and sister. If you go back to some of my weekly updates, you’ll see me sewing the same cloth!

I can’t wait to spend more time with her.

We’ll speak soon!



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