Another Sunday, another blog post. I honestly wonder if I should draft/think about what I am going to write a day or so before I do these, but I prefer the challenge of racing against the clock. At time of writing it is 10:58am so my goal is to have this done, edited, uploaded and shared by 11:30. I am getting faster about these at least though, or it feels like I am.

This week at Pearl Lemon has been a pretty typical week and has had the joy of some new tasks. My new tasks relate fairly well to my major and class work I have done. So, for the first time, I am like “Hey I learned this in school” instead of doing homework and being “Hey I’ve done this for Pearl Lemon.”

This week I have been honing in and focusing on better aligning myself with my KPIs that were set, our Friday meeting allowed for a good refresher on those, especially given this is the first introduction to any position I have worked at that used KPIs for myself. Previous positions I would have a goal of try to get customers to open a store card, but never a number, just a “do it” goal.

Other items this week:

Queued up for today:

This is becoming the new format for my Sundays. Unless there is something urgent or it is the first of the month, I do not falter from this. I also have realized for me to write my blog post fast, I have to not check WhatsApp until after it. Which to me, being Sunday, a little late reply on most’s day off isn’t too bad.

Outside of Pearl Lemon, all of my college’s classes have moved online with Covid-19. I am thankful to have a tutor for accounting, because for some reason I excel at Trig and Stats, but suck at accounting. I was already fully remote, so for me, not much has changed except when it comes to shopping. I go once a week now and that is it, only get what is absolutely necessary…get in and get out.

This last trip was more irritating than anything, despite social distancing, it was still packed. I should have taken pictures. I was out of some essentials for Todd. I ended up getting one of the last 5 packs of baby-wipes on the shelf and one of the last 4 of baby-shampoo. My goal was to get things Todd needed most or would eat because he is doing a strange food aversion thing. There was no mac n cheese left in the store, I ended up getting boxes of pasta and jars of sauce, I got salmon because there was nothing in the meat case aside from seafood. I can only say I am grateful there was eggs and milk for him and that I have plenty of beans for him from before Covid-19 set in.

I do and don’t understand the panic hoarding. If everyone bought in normal or slightly higher amounts, the supply chain wouldn’t have too much interruption from a demand point. To have no toilet paper, baby wipes, etc in stores are ridiculous. Back when there were seven of us in the house, we still used less than 3 rolls a week, so there is simply no need to have packs and packs on hand for a couple week quarantine.

Personally, my thought is if you have 5 cartons of eggs and 4 gallons of milk and a cart full of ground beef and the only reason is to panic hoard…you are part of the problem.

Aside that, my mom is home most of every day working remotely. That makes me giggle some given I get grief for working remotely, but now she is a part of my world. Working with a yelling toddler running through the house, constantly interrupting work flow to ask for snacks or a new show. Harder than she thought maybe.

I also spent most of Friday night and yesterday not sleeping and partially panicking. My boyfriend was in a car wreck a couple weeks ago and Friday night he dropped and had a seizure in the store. With self isolation, I could text him, but not see him and coach him what to ask was going on and what would be done. Still anxiously waiting for test results scanning for blood clots in the brain or the cause of his spinal cord swelling.

But, it is 11:24 and time to get this wrapped up, especially with the end of my time goal closing in. Only got pulled away by Todd twice this time, so maybe a loss of five minutes. Until next Sunday.