Hey again!

It’s been quite a busy couple weeks – you must be getting tired of me repeating this same phrase! But of course, both Pearl Lemon and beyond have been keeping me quite busy. 

This week has been another fast paced one, full of lead generation shenanigans and tasks. Ironing out all the details of the new campaigns for Marc and Jay has been a bit of an arduous process for some reason. Despite the fact that I’ve learned how to do all the actual tasks involved with setting up a campaign, it still requires a “click” phase in which all the pieces for a new campaign fall into place. This has been a bit more difficult to come by for these campaigns because the callers are new and not familiar with the processes and the products, and there are more tasks to attend to every day – which diverts my attention greatly. 

Getting situated booking new calls!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of “repair” and maintenance type work on many of the Linkedin lead generation campaigns that are running. This includes making sure that all the Zapier links are up to date and firing, cleaning out Google Sheets, responding to all messages, and more. This task can take quite a while if there is a break in the system because it requires you to go back through every step of the process and retest it for accuracy. 

I’ve also been helping a few different members of the team launch their own Linkedin campaigns. Lydia, for one, has been getting a bit more involved with the sales side of things – which includes beginning to generate her own leads. It’s been quite easy to help her out with this setup because she’s already had a bit of previous experience with the Linkedin platform. I’m looking forward to what she can do in future! Our new lead generation specialist, Anthony, has begun working with me as well, hopefully he’ll enjoy the work and will stay on as a member of the team!

Lydia’s new Linkedin!

Finally, I’ve started creating a full tutorial for the video content creation task, with Archbee, video, and links to Google Sheets. Since we’ve lost quite a few people from this task, I hope that this tutorial will make it easier to integrate new members of the team and get things rolling along much faster. 

Archbee for video content creation task.

Looking forward to continuing the work!