Good morning, Happy Sunday. It is 8.41 currently and I have the coffee on and am queueing up my day. At my 16th post now, so four months of writing blog posts. This has very much become a soothing part of my Sunday routine. It also gives me a good reason to get extra Pearl Lemon time in on Sunday mornings because I can say I have to do this in the morning and be able to quickly work to another tab.

For today:

My weekly goals:

This past week:

Outside of Pearl Lemon, but related, I decided to use some “free time” to get my beginners certification for Google Analytics. Google Analytics seems easy enough to use, well when I have used it, but the courses give some nice additional insights.

I am also still waiting for a good time to do both of my 5ks. I have one for Baker and one for Michigan DNR to do, both virtual, but I am going to avoid going to my “gym” until mid April. My older sister has a home gym at her house I use (treadmill, dumbbells, squat bar and rack, plats going up to 45lb, bench, and a few other odd end items), but she is an RN and has been assigned to the Covid floor at the hospital and that is too much to risk getting Todd sick IF she brings the virus home, right before the social distancing and lock in was set Todd had finally got better and we were in and out of urgent care that week.

Very outside of Pearl Lemon, I am stir crazy. I bit the bullet and subscribed to a plant delivery. It goes out monthly, plants make me happy, and I honestly miss being a florist and greenhouse manager. Small price to pay for making my room a mini greenhouse again, eventually I will get an aquaponic tank again for my micro-greens, but until then….baby succulents for the win. Plus their site had cute plant graphics…and saying that I realized how easy it is to sell things I don’t need to me is.

I also miss my gardens and chickens, but there is no way I am convincing my Mom to allow me to get chickens….mostly because she knows I will have them trained like my other two I had to come in the house and not shat in the house. Thinking of this pic, I also miss my mohawk, but need to fight the stir crazy and NOT shave my head again, it has been growing for almost 3 years and I need to keep it that way.

Also one last fun bit. I refused to go to my friend’s apartment and she said she misses me, so she sent me a link saying she is shipping me a candle to bribe me to come over. Still waiting two more weeks (she also works in the healthcare field).

It is 9.15 though, so probably time to wrap this up. I feel this update has a lot more randomness, or at least my thoughts are scattered more than normal. This week and going forward due to my household all being remote now,my schedule is a bit everywhere to comply with my parent’s “new rules.” I do class until about noon, try to sneak in up to 2 hours of Pearl Lemon during the day, Todd skips nap, and then I work from 830/900 pm until midnight or a little after. Being able to go up to 5 hours a day kills me a little bit, so being stuck at 30-35 hours instead of 35-45 makes me a little extra stir crazy. As usual, I feel like I am forgetting something I wanted to mention or write out, but being half through my coffee, it escapes me.