Hey there! Back again with another update on my time with Pearl Lemon!

As I mentioned a bit last week, the Linkedin lead generation load has been increasing over the last couple weeks – but this week it really bumped up!No only are there multiple internal Pearl Lemon campaigns running, but clients are flying in from left and right, hardly giving me a chance to catch my breath!

One of the main campaigns that I worked on this week was a Linkedin lead generation outreach campaign for Plant Sumo – Deepak’s plant based food company. This business is basically a “BlueApron” or similar meal prep service, but entirely plant based and serving the London area. Ths new task was exciting to me because, although I had heard of Plant Sumo, I had not previously been involved in any aspect of the business. From there, I got to work, optimizing a new profile and creating messages to send out to potential clients. 

New Linkedin profile for Plant Sumo campaign! 

I also learned how to use Mailshake in conjunction with Linkedin lead generation campaigns. Since other partners mainly handled cold email campaigns in the past, I did not have much experience with it. Setting up a campaign with Mailshake can be a bit time consuming because we like to have at least five steps involved, all with value add-ins, but it has been proven to be effective in terms of actually getting a response from people and hopefully securing their business. I actually learned a good amount about Plant Sumo just by writing the email campaign and the Linkedin lead gen messages. I learned even more about the benefits of a plant based lifestyle by researching small “value adds” to insert into each one. 

The first step in the Plant Sumo Mailshake campaign! 

We also brought on board two new client campaigns: Whatiy, who are looking for an extremely specific targeting, and Service Guy Marketing, a cold email client. Since I mentioned that we brought on a new partner to help out with Linkedin lead generation last week, he will be assisting with many of these new campaigns, which I am very grateful for! Stemming from this new assistance, I’ve been devoting a lot of my time to training and prepping the troops so to speak. However, I know this will be a great investment because these will be the people to support me in the future! 

Finally, since I’ve been with Pearl Lemon nearly six months, Deepak asked me to write a three thousand word essay about my time with the company. Since I knew this would take me a good chunk of time, I let it go until the weekend when I was finally able to push through it. I was able to just squeak out the word count, but the actual writing really took me back and made me realize just how much I’ve learned at Pearl Lemon and how fast time and flown by.

A portion of my “Pearl Lemon Experience” essay.