Weekly Partner Update 17- Lydia (Head of Internal Growth)

It is finally April, so here in Michigan real spring has finally hit. Although the threat of snow will be around for a week or so yet…like this past week waking up to a white dusting outside and then it promptly getting up to 60 degrees by 1pm.

We are two weeks into the “lock in” and about 4 into social distancing. Not that I really went anywhere to begin with, but the few places I did I now avoid. Which also means I am stuck at home everyday now. Usually I hop between home and my friend’s apartment for scenery and mental breaks from the household. The extended the “lock in” until the last day of April rather than the end of next week. I’ve missed what feels like a lot this week. My dad’s shop has remained open, so I haven’t seen him in a month now to avoid contact. Missed my best friend’s birthday and nephew’s birthday for the same reason, tMandywo medical field households and I am not risking it.

School has officially ended for the area, well all of the state at this point. So I have been trying to convince my younger sister, who now will bump up to a senior next year despite missing 2.5 months of school, to learn digital marketing and what I do…and also my college course load. I have spent more time this week trying to teach her to properly kick a soccer ball and run with it rather than punting it with her toes across the yard in whatever direction it may go.

Outside of Pearl Lemon, at least my classes have not faltered. It was mid-term week, so the brain fog is real, but as always powering onward. I am still anxious about finding out if my 7 portfolios will all be accepted. At the very least I am hoping 4 will be accepted to knock out a complete term.

I may also have figured out a way to move out as well, which I am hopeful for this summer. Not going to get my hopes too high with that, but I am equally as impatient to be back on my own at the same level, if not higher, than how much my family would like me and Todd to be on our own again.

This week at Pearl Lemon, feels like another odd twilightzone for me. The new schedule, although I have adjusted to the new routine already, is still strange for me. I like working day hours and being able to wake up early. So staying up til midnight or later and then sleeping in and waking up after the sun is out is strange to me.

This week:

  • I reached my KPI for Quora writing (this is now going to be a more personal/free time task because I enjoy writing, but not as many are needed for Pearl Lemon)
  • Working on my KPI for Blinkist (this is another done in free time when Todd is falling asleep, but I gear readings towards Pearl Lemon 75% of the time)
  • Continual editing of blog posts
  • Loading and editing a new series for Send in Blue
  • Continuing recruitment
  • Working on a variety of tasks for Golf Gear Hub
  • Attended a career fair for connecting with colleges better
  • I did my first of month Stripe to Freeagent
  • I also got Amazon Affiliate links fully set up (I am pretty sure that was this week, this week has been a blur)
  • Doing some outreach on Facebook for Pearl Lemon Reviews and Auditing Pearl Lemon
  • Making some slides for courses as well

Today I am still gathering myself, mostly done with this post and it is 915 and I am thinking it may be a 2 cup of coffee morning and then my 7pm coffee later as well.

I know I need to continue a task for Gold Gear Hub, but other than that I can’t seem to remember fully what I want to do aside from my daily items (Email checking, recruitment, FB outreach emails).

But, time to get this fully wrapped up and continue with my caffeine doses. I am hoping for a nice day and maybe running around outside will clear up the brain fog, that and I need to finish hauling the cinderblock pile behind the shed.

Until next week!

Written by Lydia

Lydia- Pearl Lemon's Head of Internal Growth

Partner at Pearl Lemon since May 2019. Based in Muskegon, Michigan.

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