This week has gone by so fast! I think it’s because I was so busy both with Pearl Lemon and my other jobs that I barely realised it’s Saturday again. 

As I stated yesterday during the team meeting, I am quite impressed by everything I managed to do this week. It’s true I became more efficient and therefore more productive!

Among the things I got done for Pearl Lemon, there is:

  1. Checking and giving feedback to my colleagues’ work
  2. Supporting Akhila with everything related to HR
  3. Doing Lead Generation for La Dolce Studio
  4. Working on Pearl Lemon Academy

Let me give you a few more details about each of these activities.

  1. Checking and giving feedback to my colleagues’ work.

Besides the bigger team composed of all partners at Pearl Lemon, we have smaller teams of people working on specific projects and/or new launches. Being part of HR results in me being involved in many of these groups and often giving instructions at the beginning, managing any issues during the development and leaving feedback at the end of activities. This week I finally took the time to take a look at a few tasks like the slide presentation for Plant Sumo or a Social Media Content Calendar for Pearl Lemon.

2. Supporting Akhila with everything related to HR.

Akhila is now my assistant but she’s slowly becoming the new HR Executive. She’s been very enthusiastic about her new role and very helpful since the start of October. I’m explaining processes to her and showing her how to manage different situations. In particular, we are now hiring:

3. Doing Lead Generation for La Dolce Studio

La Dolce Studio is Daniela’s (Deepak’s partner) Studio for Pilates Classes. I’m helping her to re-launch her business by working on Lead Generation. I have started from LinkedIn since I am already familiar with all tools and strategies to use. This week I have also set up and launched an ad on Facebook using the local promotion option which would attract more people living in her studio’s area. I had never worked much on Facebook and this has been a useful self-learning experience.


4. Working on Pearl Lemon Academy

The biggest news involves our super new project: Pearl Lemon Academy!

We are in the midst of launching a business school for freelancers or anyone wishing to start their own business. Thanks to Pearl Lemon’s experience in this partnership programme, we will be able to offer a more affordable learning programme. We’ll provide students with the right tools and opportunities to make a qualitative leap in their professional career. And we’ll do what Pearl Lemon does best: giving people the possibility to learn fast and learn by doing!

We’re currently developing the whole project from scratch and this week I have launched our first Lead Generation campaign to find our first potential customers. I’m excited to see how it goes! More news in my next updates.


Next week I’m planning two things:

  1. Finalising the HR training course I was building
  2. Getting my email inbox to zero. Since I first joined Pearl Lemon, I have left some emails unread and archived them. I didn’t know it was a terrible idea since there is no “archive” folder where I can easily find them again. My bad!

Today is Saturday and the weather is chilly but sunny: it’s time to enjoy some fresh air in the garden!