Good Morning, it is 9:28 am. Happy Sunday and Happy Easter for those that celebate. Finally remembered to use Clockify while I write this, I want a better idea of how long these take for me to do.

My new shift routine has finally well ingrained itself in my head. Starting at 8:30 at night with typical work items and leaving an hour during the day for quick wins and open all day for communication does make some items easier, but I also have aMandy perpetual impatience to do things because I want to get tasks done, but have to wait 12 hours to start.

This has made some things easier though outside of Pearl Lemon. I can space my class day out a bit more if I need to and my eyes get more screen breaks. This also means that this week I started the first stages of home-schooling with Todd. He will be two next month, but is showing interest and recognition in counting, colors, and shapes, so I spend a couple dedicated hours spread out to reinforce that. That all depends on his attention span, sometimes he will sit with me for 90 minutes straight doing shape and color sorting games (I factory reset my old laptop, so that is now the “Todd Learning Machine”) and sometimes he wants nothing to do with the computer, so we revert to colored blocks and learn by shape and color that way.

Guided play really, but he recognizes the entire alphabet, a handful of colors and shapes, and close to 20 animals with their accompanying sounds. This has also resulted in Todd running around the house with bath duckies in his hands yelling quack and aggressively crawling after Ray meowing at him.

Outside of Pearl Lemon as well, the plan is still to be able to move out in June, lock-in effects the exact timeline. But I was able to figure out how to move out and will be checking on a couple rental applications this upcoming week. Also forever still waiting on what portfolios will be accepted or denied to sub out college courses, I am really just hoping for 4+ to be accepted to at least knock off one term.

This week at Pearl Lemon I have gotten more in depth tasks that take longer:

Honestly I know there was more, but even after my first of three coffees for the day, I am still in a state of brain fog. I could save this for later, but for the sake of routine, I like doing this in the morning. It is a good engaging activity while I wake up and procrastinate showering and getting ready for the day.

Quora writing and Blinkist have both moved to personal time. I can read or listen to Blinkists while Todd falls asleep or read while I have my afternoon coffee. I keep topics 75% Pearl Lemon related and some fun. Quora is usually my mid-day item while Todd has art time- coloring or playing with playdough. Due to wanting to do more engaging things for Pearl Lemon, these are now “relax” tasks that I don’t count as work, even though there is still a good lot that is towards Pearl Lemon.

It is also exciting that this week I wrapped up my eleventh month with Pearl Lemon. May 8th will be my one-year anniversary with Pearl Lemon, which for me is nice that it has been a year and I still feel engaged. The curse of ADD/ADHD being I get bored insanely fast and if I’m not engaged, I get very squirrely. I have days where it is difficult to focus, but having dedicated night hours where I am usually not interrupted also helps and is nice.

It is 9:49 now though and I am getting the stink eye for working on both a Sunday and Holiday. Even though for me, it is just kind of another day. This is my routine and I like it. Time to wrap this up, make it pretty and get it posted.

Until next week!

P.s. Clockify marks me at 34 min 44 seconds after editing before posting