Another happy Sunday underway. Starting off another week with an partner update. This week has been exciting in and out of Pearl Lemon. Tasks are starting to diversify again at Pearl Lemon and become much more time consuming.

This week I have:

I have yet to check messages this for today but my plan stands at:

I also have a few meetings this upcoming week for recruitment, Book ideas, and the weekly call.

Outside of Pearl Lemon life is changing and is exciting again. Tomorrow I go put the security down and sign the lease and get the keys to a place so I can move out. I pulled strings and am making a slight gamble that is showing to pay off. I was able to secure a 3 bed, 2 bath double wide that costs less than apartments with three bedrooms with my s/o. I am very ready to move out, so during finals week that will be underway.

I should also know by then what classes I will be taking in the fall and I am really hoping that means I graduate in December. I love learning, but not from a book in this manner. I have spent the last two years piecing my life back together, and this is a huge opportunity to feel like an actual adult again. It is a huge bonus that I can stay full time at Pearl Lemon, will be able to work during the day again, so I will get some extra sleep, and be able to power through my BBA and go on to my MBA.

Everything is coming back together for me and I am too far in to give up now. Being self-sustaining and keeping with Pearl Lemon is my end goal and this last week is giving a light to the end of the tunnel….and this tunnel has been full of alot of turns that have made it seem endless.

I am checking word count on this and it is still so short. With lock-in I have realized how little I actually do. With new state legislation there are now heavy fines for non-essential travel, so that is a lot of incentive to avoid parks and walks now. I am equally as ready for life to return to normal in that respect. Both me and Todd are stir crazy, a car ride to the credit union should not be as exciting and refreshing as it is.

I do however wish I grabbed a picture the other day. I do not get to see my Dad much, but yesterday and the day before I was able to see him because we went and dropped wood off to him. I would also care to snatch one of his puppies. He has four dogs total, but two are the parent’s pups. They are primarily American Staffs and Saint Bernard crosses, finishing over 100 pounds for most of the pups. At four months old Frankenstein (and his sister Iris) is over forty pounds, he is lazy and does not like to walk and demands to be carried everywhere. Thor, sire, is over 115 pounds and is a solid sheet of muscle. Zelda is momma and she is over 70 pounds (some strange mixed breed with long brindle hair). They also literally ate most of a couch and a tree outside though, so that is a nice reminder to pass on that.

That is all for today though. Until next week!