Hi again, Pearl Lemon readers.

Yet again, quite a busy time at Pearl Lemon – actually, these last couple of weeks have put all those other “busy” times to shame. 

Since the last update you’ve had from me, we’ve increased our lead generation client load about 200-300%. Not only have more clients come onboard, but there have been more people than ever hopping on the Pearl Lemon Express to help drive results – however, with that, comes some things that are good and bad. 

We’ll start off with the fact that my six months with Pearl Lemon has come to an end and I have agreed to stay with the program for six more months in a bit of an elevated role. Although I still sport the title of “partner” at the end of my name, my responsibilities have increased 10 fold, which was quite unexpected. Thankfully, Isabela, one of our other lead gen specialists, has been supporting me quite thoroughly and has been an absolute lifesaver in terms of getting everything done. 

Tasks that I complete have become much more managerial – training, reporting, and restructuring. However, I’ve found that many of the things that I do are also similar to what I did in the past – replying to messages, writing copy, and launching campaigns. One thing that has improved greatly are the training sessions that Deepak has implemented for the entire team. Since the operation is growing at such a rapid rate, it’s necessary to have some kind of uniformity and official way of doing things. For that reason, I’m grateful that more training has been implemented.

Some of the challenges that have arisen since the last time I made an entry here are the relatively loose way that things are conducted, which is great for flexibility and time management personally, but a bit harder to manage when there are so many moving pieces. Yet another thing that can be stressful is the pressure from so many different directions to perform, when there can be a cloudy path leading to what actually needs to be done. 

Despite these challenges, I think that Pearl Lemon still has quite a promising future (and present!), things are moving ahead at a rapid pace – clients are seeming satisfied with the quality of their leads, and “the only thing that’s certain is change.” Lots of work ahead, but looking hopefully into the future.

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