I can’t believe I have missed so many weeks. I’ve decided to merge my weekly updates rather than separate them. But no worries, I will be more careful next time and won’t come behind again. Anyway, it’s my fourth week right now and it’s going pretty busy nowadays. 

sunset while working on computer

Workwise, we are making so much progress with ResumeCats. Our development team is… Excellent. They are working so hard and we are trying to keep up with them! I have been working on many things but mainly on ResumeCats. I have prepared a partnership list and a slide-deck for introducing the product better. I also started getting into contact with certain people to begin collaborating on ResumeCats (and getting our initial users).


Later on, I worked with one of our designers (Sahil) on our social media visuals. He is an absolute artist. He did a great job on creating those visuals. All in all, I’ve been struggling with these things for weeks! It feels as if I was a product manager. But however hard the job is, I know that my teammates are always there to give me a hand. I am shocked at how many people have helped me so far with almost everything. It’s incredible. I feel so blessed to be in this team with everyone.


Our weekly team meetings are so fun that I don’t even notice how fast the time passes, even though we always exceed the predetermined meeting duration. And I believe that consistent team meetings are crucial for keeping everything organized. I love them.

my cat

Well, I also have a very busy personal life. My university is on one side, my new cat is on the other side. I barely find time to study for my classes. And when I do, my cat won’t leave me alone. The good thing is, this is my last year that I have to put up with. Then I’m done with it. Really looking forward to my graduation day. I am more into my job, I’d say. 

As my last words, I’d like to say that personally, Pearl Lemon and this work environment in general are contributing so much to me than any other online course, book, school etc. Here, I have the opportunity to experience everything hands-on and I am so glad to be a part of this. I am looking forward to working here with this amazing team more! I appreciate everyone’s effort and struggle towards their goal! I find it so inspirational and motivating. Thank you all! See you next week.