Hi everyone! I decided to club my partner updates over the next two weeks since most of my work from the second week was dragged on to the third.

At the beginning of the second week, I was given a fresh set of tasks – since I had completed my Ultimate Guide to Wix SEO (which has now been uploaded on the Pearl Lemon website, yay!) I was to begin my research on the Ultimate Guide to Wix SEO, write FAQs for the various Pearl Lemon websites, make a Loom video on my content writing process and share it with the team, write guest post content and finally provide feedback to my fellow colleague Paula, the marketing executive on her most recent project- Resume Cats.

I began with making a Loom on my content writing process first since I deemed it very important to share my process with the team in return for potential tips and advice on ways to improve my efficiency and be more productive. Not to my surprise, Deepak, the founder pointed out some serious issues with the same and recommended watching his YouTube playlist on content writing which was far more organised. Using my newly discovered content writing process I set out to researching and shortlisting my references for the guide and started noting them down on my Excel sheet.

Moving on to the FAQs, I researched about frequently asked questions on Google on three topics- Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Podcast SEO. Using the Ask The Public platform, and Google “People Also Ask” feature I shortlisted 10 most common queries, found answers, and submitted them to the Web designers who have now added the same on to the Pearl Lemon website.

The guest posts usually take a lot of my time since on an average I have to write three to four guest posts per day to meet the deadline. Over the weeks two and three, I wrote twenty guest posts, a little over 500 words each!

Lastly, I reviewed Paula’s website- Resume Cats and provided comprehensive feedback on possible ways to improve the webpage design to make it more visually appealing. 

Similar to week one, the Friday team meeting was held, this time, however, Federica, the HR Success Manager at Pearl lemon took the reins. Each of us provided a quick overview of the past week and talked about one thing we learnt and one thing we could potentially improve upon. 

Week three, as I mentioned had to do a lot with my week one assigned tasks and I began the week by making strong progress with the Shopify guide. By the middle of the week, I had completed the monster guide which was of almost 8500 words and similar to the Wix guide is now proudly sitting on the company website! Personally, I definitely feel that my process of working has changed drastically over just a few days and my Shopify guide turned out to be a lot better in terms of quality. 

I also took over a new task within the Pearl Lemon family as a member of the video content creation team- along with Skylar (Lead Generation Manager) and Fares (Web Designer). My task was very simple, all I have to do is edit the subtitles of Dee’s course videos using HappyScribe- which tuned out to be quiet fun!

The past week two content writers joined us- Sarah and Noah who are an absolute pleasure to work with- which brings me to my first group presentation: The Blogger Outreach.

Deepak advised that the three of us present a blogger outreach strategy since seeing our blogs rank high on google would ultimately be beneficial for the company as well as for us, as authors. We had three days to come up with a strategy and I touched base with my teammates the very first day- I created a group on Whatsapp and assumed leadership by distributing tasks accordingly-  all three of us were responsible for research and strategy development. After sharing resources we decided to go ahead with Sarah’s very detailed and insightful strategy, while I worked on the introduction to the concept of blogger outreach and Noah researched and drafted email templates. 

All in all, I think we did a great job as a team and Dee was definitely impressed as we put together a very strong and collaborative strategy that could be used by every content writer on the team! 

My next task of the week involved providing more feedback- Ben the Digital Marketer started a new project called Serpwizz and I along with other team members provided comments on website development and offered ideas. Similar to mine, I had to provide feedback on other’s work process too and advice on potential ways their process of work could be improved. 

Finally, the third week ended with a very fun team video call where all team members provided a quick recap of their week! Dee also talked about improving team communication by making sure we speaking up and engaging more often! 

Tomorrow I start my fourth week and I already have my tasks lined up- I need to start with my new ultimate guide on WordPress SEO, work with the video content creation team and keep working on the other internal site content blogs!