Welcome to my second work placement update!

I’m pleased to say that I’m on the way to meeting one of my goals while working under Pearl Lemon! 

The whole team was trained on how to use Page Optimiser Pro, a tool that you can use to make sure that your published content is up-to-date and can rank well on Google, even when it’s many years old.

I’ve been using it to pre-empt some crucial features that I should include in the content I write before publishing it.

The learning level at Pearl Lemon is the best thing about a Pearl Lemon work placement.

For me, coming into this, I had recently graduated with a degree in history and had little ‘real world’ experience other than in retail, which was not what I wanted to pursue. 

As a content writer, I can apply my pre-existing writing skills developed at uni, but learn a lot more about the world of digital marketing and SEO too.

Honestly, it was kind of a shock to the system writing and performing very purpose-driven tasks, as I’ve been frolicking in the world of academia and writing about amorphous concepts for the last three years.

I’ve also really settled into my personal routine while remote working. If you’re a prospective work partner, it’s an excellent idea to pay attention to everyone else’s ‘working from home’ tips. 

Doing things like setting up a dedicated space to help compartmentalise your day, going outside for walks and changing rooms/location if you start to get cabin fever or brain fog really does work.

What Is Coming In The Week Ahead:

One thing I want to do differently is to have more responsibility when it comes to the SEO side of my content. I’ve taken on some more responsibility by using Page Optimiser Pro, but I would like to make an effort to spot more patterns to improve my SEO practice even more.

Ciao for now!

Amy 🙂

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