Weekly Partner Update #2- Anthony (Lead Generation Specialist)

Week 2 is over and WOW this has been a week! Overall I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with the work. I was able to focus on one task at a time which has helped my productivity. 

  • I’ve learned a few new things this week: How to use Mailshake, Weconnect, and Clearout. Deepak and Skylar have been really key to getting this understanding of how they work and how to manage campaigns using these programs. I was able to launch two campaigns! More to come for sure! 


  • I do want to be better at communicating this coming week. I think it can be easy to assume I know what I’m doing and then get overwhelmed when things go wrong. Asking Dee and others questions about a specific task has cleared up a ton of confusion. I want to continue that trend. It’s better to have asked then not at all and wish you had.


  • So as a recap of this week I have:

-Worked on Internal Lead Gen Campaigns 

– Worked on external Lead Gen Campaigns for three clients 

-Worked on proposal templates on Nusii (still getting the hang of this one lol) 

  • A lot of education to be sure, but things are finally starting to make sense! Looking forward to the next week of activity! 

Written by Anthony Lead Generation Specialist

Anthony joined Pearl Lemon as Lead Generation Specialist as an intern. It's his first time working remotely, and he's enjoying his journey.

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