Hello everyone!

It has now been two weeks since I first started working at Pearllemon for the new Saas tool “Serpwizz”. This week was busy, hectic, and fulfilling all at the same time. Tasks were thrown at me constantly, but the learning curve just keeps growing! Let’s dive in and see what I’ve accomplished.

To start off the week, I realized to be more efficient, I had to increase my Mac speed and productivity. Luckily for me, our founder Deepak Shukla has an amazing course on mac productivity, and google is filled with quick tricks to increase speed. Immediately, I saw results and was ready to begin my week.

Some of the things I did this week as a digital marketing executive for Serpwizz include

Most of this week was spent on gathering feedback on Serpwizz and making a spreadsheet for the developers. There is still a lot of work to be done, and I couldn’t be more excited for the final product. Tons of progress was made this week by the developers, and as I get on more phone calls, I’ll know exactly what our customers are looking for when it comes to SEO auditing software with white-label features.

In terms of operating differently and a tip for remote work, finding and DEDICATING time to your work is crucial. So far, I mainly work when I have the time or when some time opens up. There are definitely days where no time opens up, and I’ll start working at night with a finish time around 4 am. Moving forward, I think working in blocks (2 hours in the morning, 2 hours at night) with dedicated time periods would be much more effective.

Let’s talk about the massive learning I have achieved this week. First of all, for anyone who is interested in Sales, I would HIGHLY recommend reading Cold Calling for Chickens. There are definitely some secrets in there that are worth revealing to yourself. On top of that, some of the tools I have been learning how to use this week include

The week ahead will definitely consist of more close work with the development team to make sure our software is optimal for users and businesses. I was also given the opportunity to be the head of marketing for our established Saas tool “Word Pidgeon” so my focus will have to be intertwined between both Saas tools (Serpwizz and Word Pidgeon).

On a personal note, if you saw on my last week’s blog post, I recently hit a new PR of 260Lbs on the bench press. Unfortunately, all gyms have closed down due to COVID, so I will be working out in the comfort of my home and won’t get a chance any time soon to increase that number.

The best way to completely recap the week would be to say 4 am nights, loom video explainers, Serpwizz feedback, and cold emails/calls. Looking forward to more learning and full-stack digital marketing tasks this week, and I’ll see everyone soon!

Benjamin Schneider

Full Stack Digital Marketing partner at Pearl Lemon