Hi everyone.

Here I am at the end of my second week with Pearl Lemon and it was quite a busy one, though it was the same for all team members.

I started on Monday quite stressed having to go through many training sessions while swamped with other tasks. Basically, I was trying to juggle with: learning, doing, and improving company practices at the same time! Because Pearl Lemon is a start-up, many steps still need to be created, tested, finalized, and then stored in our database.

This week I was mainly focused on hiring partners for a few vacant positions.

Thankfully, Lydia came out to help me – she is our Head of Internal Growth and the person, other than Deepak, that knows where to find all the resources. The similarity between our roles allows us to collaborate on many tasks and I hope this can significantly help the company.

Among the many benefits of working with Pearl Lemon, the variation between working solo and working with others is one of my favorites – and I found out many of my coworkers agree with this!

Between Thursday and Friday, I had 1-to-1 calls with all of them to learn more about what they were working on and how they were feeling about it. This was the perfect occasion to collect useful feedback and have a good start to the company’s potential progress.

In order to foster their individual improvement instead, I encouraged them to take a small action and go out of their comfort zone. I can’t wait to hear about their attempts and results next week!

Towards the end of my week, I was feeling more at ease with my new recruitment tasks. Learning on the field definitely sped things up.

What did I do to release some of my stress? Physical activity!

During the week, I only had time for a few short walks around my area, but on the weekend I managed to go on longer trips.

Here are pictures of the castle on the top of a hill where I usually go, since it’s pretty close to where I live. Yesterday I went there during my morning bike ride with a friend and also in the afternoon during a 3-hour walk with my parents.

Now I am about to go for another walk in nature with my mom. Guess where I am going!