Hello everyone!! It’s Isabela again, and I am now in my second week.

This week has been really challenging for many reasons, personal and working wise. Working wise I had to take onto new projects and tasks that I wasn’t very familiarised with. There were many times throughout the week that I really felt like I wasn’t doing any progress or that I wasn’t capable of doing them. However, thanks to the amazing team that we have in Pearl Lemon I never felt alone, as every time I had an issue, one of my colleagues would be coming to my rescue straight away!! And then on my personal life, this week I moved back to university! So besides working, learning new things and taking onto new tasks, I also had to pack (something that I will always hate with a passion, but I mean, who likes to pack anyway?), try to see all my friends before leaving so that I could say my goodbyes, say goodbye to my cat ( the hardest part I would say, even though we have got a very toxic relationship as she doesn’t accept my love and likes to attack me when it’s very uncalled for, I still love her dearly) and trying to handle all of this in one week was hard, nonetheless, now looking back, it was a walk in the park.

So let’s start doing a run-down of what I did this week as an partner!:

First of all the main focus this week for me was to start working on lead generation and doing an Omnireach campaign on Linkedin. Omnireach is one of our latest projects in the making, so we are trying to get the most people we can on-board! This was quite challenging, since before this week if you had asked me what Lead Generation was, I wouldn’t have had a clue of what it was. If you want me to be honest with you, I didn’t even have an active Linkedin account! That’s how behind I was in this business! Therefore, the first thing I did was finding my Linkedin account I had created several years ago and try to optimize it so that it would be a good fit for this campaign. Then, after spending around three days worth of work ( yes, it took me that long to get through the training😔), I finally finished my training🎉. So that I could finally start working on the set up of the campaign, which was quite challenging as well. And thanks to the amazing team that we have in Pearl Lemon, I could finally send it off and I’m now getting my first replies! For which I’m really excited about, I’m really surprised by how much I’m liking this task, and I’m very excited to see how the next weeks ahead are looking like in this project.

So that was the main task, the second task of the week didn’t go as smoothly as planned, I had to upload Deepak’s online courses from his website Life, Love and Entrepreneurship into different online learning websites. It looked easy at the beginning, but as I started working on the task, I found out that I had many issues to be able to work on it. Firstly, I wasn’t able to access the videos, as I couldn’t find any free software that I could use to download the videos from the website for my laptop. I even tried to use my brother’s laptop, and that didn’t work either. So both I and my lovely colleague Akhila were researching for many hours any software that I could use to download the videos to then upload them. This was very time consuming, and I didn’t expect to find any solutions any time soon until our saviour came! The videos were all uploaded on somewhere that I could easily download them from! Therefore, I finally saw some hope and got straight away into working on this task.

Something else that happened this week is that we finally got a video editor! This is extremely exciting for all our companies and for all the amazing content we will be finally able to produce! I have been guiding him through what I’ve done so far, the new content we have received, what we want the videos to look like and many other things. And for what I’m seeing, working with him has been really easy and I’m really looking forward to working with him in the near future.

And on the personal level, as I have said before this week I moved back to university. This was actually really stressful as I felt like I didn’t have any time to do it. Juggling work, seeing my friends and procrastination…it looked like it would never be done! However, like everything else this week, I succeeded and got it done!

So if you would like to take something from this blog entry, is that never look at a task and say that you can’t do it, or that you aren’t capable of doing it. Say: okay this is really hard to do, but I’ll try it, and try and try and try again, I’ll ask for help and before you realise, you will achieve it and get it perfectly done!

Thank you for reading me and I’ll see all of you next week!

Isabela 💃