This week at Pearl Lemon has been “slow”. It isn’t necessarily less busy, but rather, less new tasks and more repeated tasks throughout the week. With my brain switching to “holiday” mode and having a sinus infection it is nice to not have to think in terms of learning new procedures. My sluggish brain has also led to me falling asleep and remembering as I doze off that I forgot to send an end-of-day report, so with that, I try to do at least a mid-day report to help show I am crossing tasks off the list to bring a little balance to that.

This week has been:

Today is my “lazy day” being it is Sunday, which is really just my day I spend on “creative tasks” and doing things in the car. Like right now I am typing up this blog post while I sit in the car. My boyfriend lives 90 minutes away (I am in Muskegon and he is in Kalamazoo) so I can type this up and later copy and paste it into G-Suite to make further edits before getting it up on Medium.

Other Sunday to-dos beyond this:

As I type this I already struggle to focus, so I know very well tomorrow will be a long day for work hours to get a good amount of effective hours. Although I tend to be a workaholic and taking actually days off is hard for me to do, I am very ready for my two-day break for holidays to catch up on sleep and have extra family time. Aside from being a worker by nature, I do enjoy what I do, so that makes it a bit harder to walk away from the computer and do “me” things.

Outside of my usual work, my personal time has been flooded with a lot of small tasks that needed attention:

with money going back to Michigan DNR and caring for the State Parks).

organizing, dusting and cleaning out the toy boxes are never a favored task for me.

Overall, it has been a productive week still. I am geared up and ready to accomplish today’s and tomorrow’s tasks. Strangely enough, although I am happy to have all-time for Pearl Lemon and not split with college classes, a week into the break I am ready to get back to it, although that restarts January 6th. I am mostly ready to just finish the Bachelor’s to then get to the Master’s. I always have loved learning and desire to always continue learning, but I can’t stand college courses. There is a lack of challenge for me and many items are not applicable to my field or what I do here at Pearl Lemon. Or part of my brain still goes “crap” because I decided to take a year off partway through my degree to explore Oregon and in doing so I had to give up my $26,000 scholarship.

(Me walking through the tide-pools at New Port Beach)