Hello you, 

Monica here again, my second week started with a message from Federica – HR Success Manager asking how my first week was and if I would be happy to continue my trial week with Plant Sumo. Oh yeah! Of course, I was glad to continue. So I got a WhatsApp group invite to join the Internal Pearl Lemon team! 

Monday started with me going through the partner kit Federica sent which had information about what the next thirty days will be like, the various work tools to use. There was some necessary information on the provided team documents that I had to fill; I even got an official email 🙂 and a cute caricature of me which is now my new WhatsApp profile display picture. LOL

An exciting start to the week, I can hear you say. Unfortunately, Tuesday almost became a bummer. I was confused about what to do, what was my task for the week? So I took the initiative and assigned myself some tasks 


  1. To create a social media calendar for Plant Sumo.
  2. Competitor research; to find out and analyse what our competitors are posting on social, to learn what works and create a better alternative to some of their existing content.

I was able to complete the first phase of the calendar in which we are to launch posting over the weekend. 

Though I ended the week with severe back pain and a few hitches here and there, the support from the team, my call with Lydia – Head of Internal Growth; and hearing others share their challenges as well during our Friday team meeting, made me feel less alone. I can say this is one of the reasons that makes Pearl Lemon, Plant Sumo and the entire group of companies a happy place to work. 

I now have additional assigned tasks (not self-given, LOL) I am working on from the weekend. I will let you know how it goes next week. 

Thanks for taking out time to read my posts. 



Monica – Plant Sumo Social Media Manager