Hey guys!

Hope y’all are doing well! 

I honestly find it hard to believe that I’m already done with one month of my partnership. It’s been 30 whole days since I had officially started even though it doesn’t feel like it. 

Have you set any new year’s resolutions or goals? I certainly have! Comment below and let me know what they are 🙂 

Although, I prefer to view them more as guidelines because otherwise I get stuck on them and start a self-punishing cycle that is just counterproductive lol you can read about my goals on my blog if you’d like just something I do for fun. 

New notice board, I bought just to keep my goals organised and easy to track!

In the last two weeks at PL, I’ve been given more responsibilities including helping with some PR emails, grammar sweep of the company website and blogs (if you spot any more grammar mistakes let me know 😉) and most recently, I’m kinda mentoring a new potential team member and offering some feedback.

So far, the biggest struggle has been finding a good balance between everything I have to do and everything I want to do

Time worked every day since I first started lol I always aim to do a minimum of 2hrs.

As you know, I have a second job. That’s mostly based on shift work, so, unfortunately, I don’t do the same days or hours every week. 

I do try to plan around that of course, but sometimes going to work from 5 am, then coming back to work out (all about that health and fitness now 💪) and then sitting down to do some writing or whatever makes it for a long day without a break. 

For the next month, that is the goal: Find a good routine that works for me and, more importantly, is sustainable!

I’ll catch you in a couple more weeks!

You be good now, y’hear!


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