My second week has been an opportunity for me to really gain experience across the board in terms of writing content, and to work on different styles of blog posting – not to mention topics.

I’ve now worked on Internal posts for the Pearl Lemon website itself, guest posts, client posts and a 5000 word guide to SEO. Working on different styles of posts has it’s challenges but it’s phenomenal how much range and experience I’ve had in just 2 weeks.

Before my time with Pearl Lemon, I knew only the basics when it came to SEO, I couldn’t have imagined writing up an ultimate guide on it – which only goes to show how much you can learn in such a short space of time.

I like Dee’s likening of the role of Content Writer to that of a superpower. In many ways, it is. I see it as a way to cure an insatiable appetite to keep learning, with each new blog to write, research needs to be carried out which leads to learning about new subjects every day.

I will admit it’s sometimes been a struggle to push out 1500 words on certain topics or brands which sometimes aren’t amongst the most exciting, yet this is all part of the creative process, and being able to come up with engaging material in these circumstances can only be a great skill to learn.

I actually started guitar lessons, around the same time I began the Pearl Lemon partnership.

At first, I thought this could have been a bad idea as there is already a lot to take in on the program, and of course, content to produce.

However, as I start to get a feel for my new routine, working from home with a lot more screen time than before lockdown – the guitar is proving to be a great way to take time out for an hour or so during the week.

Now that I’m living and working from home, in the same space, every day- it’s highlighted the importance of factoring in a few things to break up my week and take me away from my laptop.

Although I didn’t think I’d be one of the first to get back to the gym now it’s reopened, I’m so happy to be back. My motivation for online HITs started wavering over the last few weeks and taking myself out of the house to work on my strength is proving the perfect stress reliever.

Having autonomy over my own working hours is something I truly love, it’s become an opportunity to really identify the times of day I’m at my most productive, and when I’m not – then working towards structuring this accordingly.