We’re going towards the end of quite a disorganised week. 

I feel like this week I could never handle my days as I had planned in the morning. So many things suddenly came up during the day and I always had to give them the priority. Hopefully, next week will be more organised!


In the HR area, I supported Akhila when she interviewed applicants and organised things to let them start their trial week. At the moment, we’re managing six people on trial: three as lead generation specialists and three working on PR. During this trial period, we’re often supported by other people who can give better feedback and direction as they have more experience in that specific job role. 

Times were quite stressful when client work increased and some key team members had to take a few days off. Luckily we managed to redistribute tasks and reorganise things among other people to maintain the same quality of work. 


Besides HR, I have helped as a project manager and coordinator. That is why I am often involved in a lot of different projects to sort the small issues that come in the way. 

An example could be when I organised documents to upload on our website. Soon all people who have hit at least 4 months at Pearl Lemon will have a dedicated section with a longer video and blog post describing their overall experience at Pearl Lemon. 

Feel free to check mine out and find out more about me! 

Pearl Lemon in 2018


This week my episode of the ‘Meet The Team’ podcast was published on our YouTube channel! I think it turned out amazing and it will be a great value on my CV on LinkedIn. Anyone who wants to know who I am and what I do at Pearl Lemon can simply watch the interview where I talk about how I first joined the company in the summer of 2018, how things changed since then and even during these past few months. Noah, the host, also asked me a few questions about myself so that one could discover a bit of who I am and what I like doing in my free time.

Here’s my interview! As you can tell, we also had fun recording it!

Federica in interview


Huge news about Pearl Lemon Academy: the team is expanding as Giulia officially joined the programme on Friday! She celebrated in the best way possible: a few hours later she took part of one of our weekly team meetings!

I’m so happy to have hired her as she’s so enthusiastic about the project, the overall dynamic environment and especially the way we work remotely but still manage to be in contact. I’m sure she will contribute a lot to the development of the startup and I can’t wait to work together on it!


I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy in these delicate times. In Italy we’re still in lockdown so most of the time I am at hope. Every now and then, I take the chance to spend some time in nature as in my area there are many woods I can walk in. I love autumn colours!

Awesome view

I’ll catch up with you in my next weekly update!