Good Morning (well at time of writing it is 7:55 AM), Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s day. Part of me says I should have a partial day off to have more family time, but I am far too squirrely to be able to have an actual day off. So instead I will be doing a two hour block starting with my blog post and then a two hour block once Todd goes to sleep. Depending my flow I may end up doing an additional hour this afternoon, so a pretty typical 5 hour Sunday… LOL. Rest I cannot.

This week feels like a true back to normal. We are fully settled in our new house, although it has been two weeks since we got here. My plants have adjusted to the humidity and light difference, Todd goes to bed and goes right to bed at bedtime, my bed was finally delivered (first week I spent it floor campin’ or sleeping all janky on the sofa).

This week we have had the pleasure to bring on Tenny as he has made it past the 7-day trial week with us. Sam and myself are also in the process of bringing 2-4 more people on to trial with us. There is a focus to fill a few positions, although these could be served as combination type roles:

This week has also been fairly productive. Having some additional help during evenings and Friday-Sunday has allowed my pace to pick up. My Saturday I spent 5.5 hours working, but because I was able to fully separate myself I got what would have easily taken 6-7 hours done. That 30-90 minute margin is precious to me when I keep full task loads.

Also this week tasks have stacked up to:

There is more, but I made the mistake of clearing my “done” on trello and organizing it to refresh it this week. And for the sake of mental capacity, I leave Trello to remember my tasks so I just have to look and leave lastpass to remember my passwords.

This week, May 8th, I also had the joy of celebrating my official one year mark here with Pearl Lemon. I am genuinely excited to continue this journey. I have learned countless lessons in the last year and am eager to continue this learning.

This is coupled with thanks to Dee I am able to graduate with my BBA in Marketing 6 months ahead of schedule (May 2021). If I was not here with Pearl Lemon, I would not have had the material to prove my skillset. Although only two classes were subbed out, I was still able to swing early graduation. Granted looking at my portfolio review, three other classes were noted as “although she shows competence with all the SLOs, we feel the class will still give benefit.”

My MBA will be set to start Fall 2021. I am focusing that in Leadership Studies. My thought process is this coupled with Marketing will help capture my full-stack role and be able to help be a more effective leader. This will take 3-4 terms to complete, but regardless of 9 or 12 credit hours a term, I will be able to graduate with my MBA winter of 2022 because the MBA program allows for Summer classes. I can do 12 credit hour terms three times, or 9 credit hour terms four times, so either way with one summer session it will be knocked out in 18 months from starting.

Celebrated by signing up for two more 5ks for the year.

Back to Pearl Lemon though. Today I will be:

All in all, the week has been busy, but good as always. Life carries on and the learning never stops. I am excited to continue to grow with Pearl Lemon and see where it goes, the changes I have seen in the last year are exciting and this excitement grows to see the company and branches succeed.