Hello everyone, I’m back again and very excited to share my experiences at Pearl Lemon. Today 16th October 2020, I’ve been a part of Pearl Lemon as a Partner for 23 weeks.

This week I have been working on multiple SEO tasks mostly revolving around links and public relations.

Firstly let’s do a recap of what I did this week at work.

You should be knowing my daily routine if you have read the previous update blogs- email management, organising PR mentions, new links obtained and managing inbound leads + a bit of Drift, with the help of our super seller Daniel (He closed a couple of leads within his first month)!

Working with Akhila, Sanket and now Baris closely for the Pearl Lemon businesses profile listing task and keeping up the pace to at least get 5+ live listings each day! Verifying funnelled emails, catching up with the Mailshake Lead Catcher are a few other things among which I do every day.

Here’s my another Quora answer which I answered just before writing this blog! Lol again 🙂

Coming to the new tasks I worked this week include,

  1. Worked on an outreach task for a unique purpose in regards to the tools we use and gained commercially I didn’t count all the tools we use but I listed few through the list and the number is 30 already, you might want to catch my next update to see the total number of tools we use.

Some of the tools I use frequently almost everyday are,

  1. Worked with the new SEO team members, in regards to backlinks, analysing backlink profiles of competitors and other internal link building tactics
  2. The major task I worked this weak is aggregating Haro Pitches for an SEO Expert Round-up, Heather- our content writer is writing, will share that in the next update blog.

Had a meeting with the new SEO team members and had gained a good insight into on-page SEO, thanks to Lokesh’s in-depth Loom-splainer!

Yesterday was my highest hit on Clockify in regards to hours tracked in a day and its- 

To keep up the productivity I’m continuously trying to hit the benchmark of 5+ working hours each day.

Well, that’s it for this week. Catch you next Friday, until then stay safe and will keep posting further updates (TJ at Pearl Lemon)


— TJ