Hello everyone, I’m back again and very excited to share my experiences at Pearl Lemon. Today 23rd October 2020, I’ve been a part of Pearl Lemon as an Partner for 24 weeks.

This week I had a lot of Ups & Downs for me personally- I had to deal with my Bank Peeps, they, that took a lot of time from me, shopped many things from Amazon, cracked my first Upwork gig- created content for them and watched a 20+ Hours of web-series on PrimeVideo & Apple TV  back to back in two days (Lol, I need cut-off my subscriptions now).

That’s today’s screen on-time the highest on my phone in 06 months (I’m not proud- just sucking on the series)

Keeping the bingeing aside I also got a lot of things done for Pearl Lemon, of course!

Lemme do a recap of what I did this week at work.

Email management- checked, got rid of a few emails which we aren’t using or not required regular checks and got a couple of new emails to manage. Definitely keeping up things with Drift. Directory listings followup- Yep, it’s going good with Akhila managing to list at least 2 a day. 

Mailshkae Lead Catcher brought down things from 50+ to a consistent below 10 at start of the day, continued listing all the tools which we use at Pearl Lemon (90+) and verifying + pushing funnelled emails into an automatic sequence.

I did write many answers on Quora this week, not from my account- so I can’t share the screenshot but I sware I wrote 5 answers this week, a super boost from one a day.

Coming to the new tasks I worked this week include,

  1. Aggregated media page links for a client for better linking analysis 
  2. Scraped out few competitor’s backlinks analysed and sorted good links for link building outreach
  3. Posted Ads on Facebook Groups for purchasing affiliate websites for promotional purposes
  4. Managing a new partner on trial, made looms and explained things to in a short brief
  5. Working on a listing all the Pearl Lemon website’s posts in accordance with impressions had overtime via Google Seach Console  

Clockify game is still strong- pulled 25+ Hours in 5 Days!

I also switched my email to Pearl Lemon domain from Word Pigeon- just to stay relevant with all the stuff I am doing, mostly for Pearl Lemon. 

Well, that’s it for this week. Catch you next Friday, until then stay safe and will keep posting further updates (TJ at Pearl Lemon)


— TJ

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