9:43 and my Sunday is well underway. With starting my work day so early, my routine has allowed me to get some quick wins out of the way before sitting and writing out my Sunday post.

I am finally done hopping between my HP and Pixelbook. The size of the pixel without a mouse was aggravating my wrists, but my mouse finally arrived, so with that is much needed wrist relief.

This week at Pearl Lemon has felt a bit intense, but good. I have four people ready to do trials tomorrow on Monday. One will be for academic credit so guarantee 16 weeks with us.

Many tasks this week have felt very business formal. Contracts were written up, additional training materials, and organization of paperform.

There have been research focused tasks and a  handful of typical process driven tasks.

More exciting for me has been being able to get a foothold in long-form content writing. I spent about 2 hours last night writing on Forex and hit 2016 words with it. I need a minimum of 1000 more words but am hoping to at least be able to double that with a goal margin of 3-7k words.

Most exciting was being able to agree to a written email on full-time employment terms with Pearl Lemon for 2021 and what will change for 2022. I am excited for this portion of my journey.

As of late I have also finally gotten into the habit of managing Dee’s social media accounts… Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. Factoring the time zone difference means needing to go in soon after checking through messages to be able to get what would be a mid afternoon post for Dee and possible engagement in early evening, so I have to remind myself that the 5 hour time gap needs to be remembered.

I am also enjoying being able to use Clockify to track my time and be able to race against myself. Since starting this I have noticed my pace pick up for some tasks and it does have some aid in focus for me. I aim at 35 hours a week, so 70 hours when looking at two week gaps. If I hadn’t had two migraine days drive me down and out plus Todd’s birthday by the end of today my two week average would have been 4-5 hours more for the week.

Today will fall near 69 total hours for the gap, so averaging 34.5 hours a week. 37 hours a week if I would have had a better end of last week. But that is life sometimes, which is also why I analyze two weeks at a time.

Today I have longer tasks to knock out yet:

I am aiming to get two hours of work done this morning and have a long family day. Then when 6:30 rolls around I will dive into heavy writing. My boyfriend helps a lot on weekends with Todd and he agreed to get Todd ready for bed, so I can start work and will be able to get 3 hours of work done and once Todd is asleep. My ability to power-house in that time frame allows me to get what typically takes 4 hours done during the day done in 3 at night.

This week should be exciting in the world of Pearl Lemon and I am not fully sure what it will hold for myself. This week will include managing 4 new starts alone, so there may be a temporary offset in training and managing new partners versus how much time I can spend working on my own items.

Having four new starts does have a large advantage for me though too, this means already based on interviews, four very competent people to be given process driven and some in depth tasks to knock out.

Outside of Pearl Lemon I feel like a “real adult.”

We finally got a couch…with covid no one would sell a couch to us. We found one company that would, but they wouldn’t bring it into the house, which is no big deal being able to lift it, but I did greatly underestimate how much a sectional would weigh with recliners on the ends.

We did have a large blue chair that fits two people, but that really wasn’t cutting it and it now lives as my “desk space” in my bedroom since I am too squirrely to sit at a table or actual desk. I end up floating around the house on the bed, couches, floor, sometimes kitchen counter or on the porch outside.

Also my squirrely nature means trying to hunt a new way to track my eating habits and lifestyle. Right now this means I am giving NOOM a go for two months to see how accountable it keeps me. I have been losing weight and maintaining in a healthy rhythm since I have been 17 and am close to goal weight (a lot of that journey and a bunch of other nonsense documented across my instagram account)

It is a psychology based approach to weight loss and maintenance, so I am curious how well that may mesh at instilling new and better things in me.

That is all on today’s notes though. Before posting and already getting pictures into this post I am a smidge over 35 minutes, so time to wrap up and get going on further items for the day.

Until next week 🙂