Hey everyone,


It’s Friday evening and I’m about to wrap things up for today but first, let me write my weekly update.


At today’s team meeting I rated my weekly productivity as 8/10 and I’m quite satisfied with how I managed my time and work. 


I’ve been working with an accountability coach for almost four weeks and my main focus was to improve my time management and ensure I spent at least 30 minutes every day learning something new (anything more than that is a great plus!). 


I can already see improvements in the quality of my work and I am finally sticking to a flexible schedule which seems to work for me. As a result, I am more productive and efficient and I even get to spend more time on my personal development and projects. It’s something I always struggled to fit in my routine as I was never consistent. These are small achievements but I feel like it is just the beginning!


In fact, this week I have finally finished reading my first audiobook! It says it’s 6 hours long but it actually took me at least double the time and 70 pages of notes on Google Document (I basically wrote another book! lol)


I can’t say how useful and valuable this book is. If you’re working on (re)building your sales funnel, I 100% recommend it! And guess what? I’m already listening to the next book of this trilogy. I’ll let you know how it goes!

The best part of reading this book is that I immediately get to put things into practice with Pearl Lemon Academy.


At the beginning of the week, we’ve had a team meeting to discuss the sales funnel we’ve been building in the past two weeks. Things were almost ready to be launched but I’m glad Deepak took the time to give us constructive feedback from an external perspective. We ended up restructuring most of the funnel as we’ve added new ideas (most of them coming from that book!) and now we’re way more satisfied with what we’re building. 


These days, I dedicated most of my time to Pearl Lemon Academy and we’ve redesigned our main landing page and decided to add two new landing pages as a way to break down our sales funnel in more phases. 


Other than that, I supported Noemi in HR as usual with things like 


I also attended an HR call together with Noemi and Deepak and, even if now I’m not the main point of contact in HR, I am still supporting and managing things from an external perspective – so catching up on new goals was very useful.


I’m planning to work on a few things tomorrow morning and then I’ll be ready to take some time off and enjoy the rest of my weekend. Looking forward to some rest and then a fresh start on Monday morning!


See you next week!



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