Good Morning, it is a work delay Sunday for sure. 11 AM for starting out my writing and started my work day officially at about 10 this morning. Typically I clean and do other house work Sunday afternoons, but today I did it for some early morning movement and will garden a bit around dinner time.

It will be a busier-than-planned type of Sunday, the rains made the weeds in the garden grow faster than planned, so I need to get that taken care of before park management fines us for having overgrown weeds.

It feels like it has been a productive week here at Pearl Lemon. I have had some bigger projects and fewer quick wins compared to my usual. This upcoming week will be very similar to it.

I have been working on getting training together in archbee for the partnership programme and hiring process. I also have a goal to be able to create a training procedure and SOPs of sorts for each process I do that is a repetitive task. These are things like social media management, hiring, my stripe to free agent tasks, SEO-ing out Youtube videos, and anything else I can think of once I go through my task list.

This week I ended up finishing up my first long-form blog piece as well; a smidge over 3000 words total. I also started researching for the next piece as well.

There is an overall goal to improve my leadership skills and be more of a team lead. I listened to Dare to Lead this week on Audible. It gave good insights, but did not direct much on actionable steps for improvement. I.e. I am well aware I have high-functioning anxiety, meaning I am pretty good at masking it by continuing to work and power though it, but as a leader that makes me second guess myself and simple things and misread people easily.

But, this was something I already knew about me as a cause and effect. I would rather hear a step to improve upon myself that is actionable rather than a chapter on why this trait makes me currently less effective than I could be.

We also opted to bring Sam and Skylar on board with us, which is great. One for lead gen focus and one more full-stack focused. Although I am bummed Sam ended his journey with us last week, it is great testing out our new process for hiring and it is much quicker to replace people when needed in a quick and efficient way.

With work feeling more productive and systematic in processes now (at least getting them written out) I have started my tiny-habit journey of greater improvement outside of Pearl Lemon as well now.

I deleted snapchat and instagram off of my phone, down to facebook and necessary apps. I am working on establishing the best time of day to do body-weight exercises and yoga. My next race kit also came this weekend, so that is exciting.

And back again at 11:58, took a half hour pause. Felt like I was slowed down and moving through sludge. Realized at 11:30 I had yet to feed myself and my blood sugar was too low. Lol 19 hour fast will do that I suppose.

Anyways, working on finishing out this post, I don’t know why It took a few months of writing to decide that if I send myself photos in messenger I want to use it is *that* much faster for blog editing than before.

Today I have worked on this piece and edited one of Dee’s pieces.

I will also be working on optimising a profile for one of our clients and hopefully get back to editing and building SOPs in archbee. This evening I will probably continue reading and researching for the next blog piece as well. If I can amp up my pace I should be able to get plenty more than that accomplished though. Especially with Todd down for a nap right now for the next hour and then I plan on working the 2.5 hours after Todd goes to bed and allow myself a 30 minute screen break before bedtime…unless I feel up for more I will go to bed at 11 instead of 10 and aim for 3/3.5 hours tonight like I did last night.

That is all on today’s note though. Time to go fetch my photos and get this published and posted and to crack on with the day. Pandora on and time to power forward. 🙂