Hey all,


Time for another weekly update!


Right before writing this blog post, I’ve sent an email to the Pearl Lemon Academy team with details of everything we’ve built in the past few weeks.


We’ve finalised our B2B sales funnel and it’s now ready to be launched!


It’s quite satisfying to finally see live three landing pages linked together by an email campaign and two CTA buttons. 


Here’s how our first landing page looks like:

Giulia and I have been working together to build this funnel while Pearl was working on a soap opera email campaign for the B2C sales funnel. As usual, we’ve exchanged constructive feedback to help each other improve the work and now we’re waiting to hear the final thoughts. Fingers crossed Deepak and Pearl think the new B2B sales funnel looks as great as Giulia and I think! 🙂


One thing that I’m proud to say I’ve built all by myself is the toolkit that you see at the top of the first landing page (see the picture above). That is the entry product that we give our leads for free, as a way to show them who we are through something that we use on a regular basis. 


I’ve picked 16 SaaS tools, took a screenshot to explain their key features and added them to some content I’ve written to give more context. I think it turned out pretty good – also shoutout to Sahil, the designer!


Another thing I’ve worked on this week is the email campaign that takes anyone who downloads our initial toolkit to the second landing page where we share more details about our Academy. To make things as entertaining and dynamic as possible, I’ve taken inspiration from email templates I found online and in particular from Jon Buchanan’s ideas. There are a lot of resources available online!


Something new I did this week is replying to a written interview about myself that will be published on one of the Pearl Lemon websites. This is something that the PR team has been doing to network with professionals of different industries while giving them visibility for free. It’s been working well, the questions are pretty entertaining and the project seems great even for those who built it!


In the HR department, I have mostly worked on optimising training materials especially for the new hires who need to learn how to use specific tools and how to put in practice strategies that anyone uses, no matter in what department they work in. Renovating training materials is something that we do every now and then as a way to raise the standards to be part of the team and boost everyone’s productivity and efficiency while streamlining the work process.


Hope you enjoyed my weekly update!


Will be back in a week or so 🙂