11:25 happy sunday.

Sunday, I think, needs to be my rest day. The last few weeks I have tried focusing on just writing, but I usually end up powering through other items. So, although I can’t fully rest and have a day off, having one day that I am strict about staying focused on writing is nice.

This means today:

This week does not feel very productive, but reflecting it was. I was able to get my trello down to 3 quick win tasks, 2 longer tasks and then 3 tasks that are ongoing/writing based. This is miles further than when I first started and constantly had 10+ tasks on the to do side and another 10 working on.

On that note, I remember my first month I would ACTIVELY work 10 hour days and now I can get more done in a 4-5 hour day. So this week I lost a lot of time with some medical issues and power being out for a day (lost close to 6 hours of work this week), yet I still knocked out my task load.

The exciting thing though is with being able to accomplish more during the week, I can have that reserved rest I desire. Switching and setting up the new site and moving away from Medium also means there will be credit as an author through our brand which is another stepping stone in building my own brand name.

Outside of Pearl Lemon there have been additional exciting steps in my “adulting” journey.

My college featured me as a highlighted up-coming graduate in their quarterly newsletter. With myself enjoying recognition for positive growth that is a nice step at college level.

Graduate Spotlight

So, although I didn’t make the Dean’s List or President’s List this year for grades, I was still a featured person.

We are also counting down the days to getting our puppy. She is currently 3 weeks old, so we are waiting a few more weeks to get her. But she is a singleton from her mom’s first litter and we get her. She is ½  American Staffordshire Terrier, ¼ St Bernard, and ¼ German Shepherd. We already named her Kaia Denali 🙂

She will end up being a big girl and a bit of a crap-shoot at exactly how big. She could range anywhere from 50 pounds to over 100 pounds depending on how she finishes. The original Sire is 115 pounds and original Dame being 40 pounds. Other litters from that breeding pair have finished across the spectrum in size, but regardless they are a bunch of thick-headed mini-horses.

(check back a few posts to see Kaia’s cousin Frankenstein (Frankie))

There is also a level of excitement that this upcoming Saturday we get to have date night…that hasn’t happened since February. My little sister agreed to come have a sleepover and hang out with Todd and get him to bed in exchange for Pizza Rolls and Doritos. LOL fair trade enough.

I am still wrapping my head around it being mid-June. I can’t tell if time is going by fast or slow, but it somehow feels like both. Like my days go fast, but then I reflect and not much has changed.

Anywho though a quick weekly recap before wrapping this up. I have:

Productivity is up and work time is down. More getting done in less time is a great milestone for me. This has allowed me to better set up “me time” and be able to start coordinating time to exercise and truly relax. I have a horrid habit of giving from an empty cup…meaning I take care of everyone before myself and sometimes everyone except myself.

With this comes giving up other items though too. I need to practice yoga more and run more. I need to be more present. I also deleted more social apps off my phone, so now it is a device for work pretty much 90% of the time. It feels strange right now, but good.

Living in a “plugged-in” and relatively isolated world is unhealthy, especially mentally. Even worse if you walk a path like me and are already balancing low-functioning anxiety and high-functioning depression, so staying off of virtual reality is best for me.

Time to get on with the day though, it is a smidge past noon and while trying to focus on content with this piece it has run over a little more than usual.

Here is to another beautiful Sunday!