Another Sunday Blog Day. June 21st, Happy Father’s Day!

For myself, today will be a solid almost 8 hours of writing. I have:

Today was shorter than I hoped work wise. I did get a solid two hours of writing, but a wrench got thrown in the day and I ended up driving for almost four hours. I may prefer to leave the house more than every other week, but I would rather not have to drive that long. Racing and Mud-Running is fun…driving because you have to not so much.

I also got the chance to go out to eat last night as well. Restaurants are operating at half capacity, but life is starting to feel normal again. We ended up over at Hearthstone Bistro. Hearthstone is a lovely gem in Muskegon…we have plenty of breweries around here, but classy sit-in restaurants are few and far between.

Duck with orange glaze and polenta was a lovely treat…and the blackberry limoncello mojito. Cody ended up with filet mignon and au gratin.

This week felt productive, but I am unsure of the full capacity of it. This week was mostly forms, SWOTs and quick admin tasks. Power also went out again for a few hours this week….welcome to Michigan storm season.

This week I am hoping to be more productive. There is a lot to get done, but we are bringing in someone that will be able to handle my types of tasks with me more, so that will be a nice boost in work power too.

I have a meeting queued up tomorrow for addressing the take-over for kindle book tasks, but it may serve as a great opportunity at handing off other roles that I play as well further allowing me to focus on my “North Star”.

Weekends are refreshing with writing, but this week should hold a massive power surge for other tasks. That is…as long as Todd has a bit better mood than this week…which was another cause to lost hours. Three molars coming in at once. For me this means working two hours during his nap and trying to work two to three hours while he sleeps at night. This has meant 4 hour work days for the most part all week, so today I want to catch up extra. The true power of block scheduling comes into play now with aiming to work at a higher capacity with a smaller amount of time available.

I am hoping this week to finish out a more challenging SWOT and be able to make the accompanying training to go with it. This will end up being a powerful tool for Pearl Lemon. The level of depth needed for these research reports takes a lot of time and it is crucial to be able to spend your time on it well and right without having to do double the work having to correct it later.

I also have audits to run for sure this week checking over the quality and length that the content holds across the different brand sites. This will give a good bar on what and how much to improve.

Sunday I am to wait to check emails until the end of day and queue up the week. Writing this weekend is taking more focus than usually. I am still hoping to finish what I have to before bed today….if not it will tomorrow morning. Most critical is my forex based piece because its due date is eod monday (6/22).

There is a lot this week to reboot. This is in the form of productivity for work hours and my personal routine. This week has had a lot of dietary slacking and movement slacking. The need for yoga and movement is very real. Moving furniture this weekend has proven the level of sluggish I have gone down to…still sore and I am firm in belief that a couch and desk have no reason to weigh close to 200 pounds.

Outside of Pearl Lemon, summer is fully here. It has been solid cruising in the upper 80s and high humidity for almost two weeks. I will be super amped once we finish fixing the car….no A/C and a jammed window….so the heat hits fast.

Time to wrap up this week’s post though and continue writing for the day. Going to be a long day of balancing family time with meeting my deadlines.