Hey all! 


Anthony here again, and it’s been quite a doozy of a week. Things definitely escalated quickly.

I felt like I took on much more responsibilities this past week than I have the entire program so far. 


Dee had me take over campaigns that are somewhat different: Cold email campaigns and a complicated LinkedIn Campaign (that one definitely had me sweating ha!)

They both involved making an email copy, which Dee kindly refined after my sloppy first draft. For the most part though I feel like things are starting to make a lot more sense. The workflow is a bit smoother (although I moved across the country in between weeks), using the programs has been a learning curve but it has become clearer. It’s fantastic to have an entire lead gen team that I can call out to when I need help (which feels like a lot! Glad they’re patient lol) 


I think one thing I’d like to improve on still is communication, both to the internal and external team. That’s one thing that can be tough to manage when you are juggling a good amount of clients. It’s my goal next week to get a better balance. 


This coming week does not look like things will slow down. We had a lot more clients come on while I was moving, so more work to do. I do feel like by this week, I’m much more skilled than I was at the start. I’m loving remote work-life and excited to see where this partnership takes me. 

Until then, catch ya next week!