Glad to be back everybody,

Week 3 is over ALREADY (it feels like I was just writing a blog post for week 2). I guess the lesson from this is that time FLIES, and we have to make the most of it.

One of the great things about an partnership at Pearl Lemon is that you have the freedom to dive into fields that you want to learn more about. The majority of this week for me was actually spent digging into a field I wanted to gain more knowledge in: cold calling. Deepak, the CEO of Pearl Lemon, recommended I read the book Cold Calling for Chickens by Bob Etherington, so naturally, I did. I would truly recommend this book to anybody interested in sales. The advice and processes described were extremely intriguing and got me much more excited about making cold calls.

Adding onto that, I had a call with our sales director who led me through some common sales tools including an app called crazy caller that comes with a power dialer. Basically, when uploading a CSV of phone numbers, the computer will automatically call the next number if the previous one didn’t answer or after finishing the previous call.

With all of the knowledge I gained from reading that book, I will be making a presentation on cold calling techniques and advice very soon. Oddly enough, I am actually EXCITED about trying out more cold calls in the coming week.

A quick overview of ALL of the tasks I went through this week include

The coming week for me will hopefully be filled with miserable results from cold calling and cold emailing, as well as an extremely average presentation on “everything cold calling”. I will also have to spend some time creating a youtube channel for Serpwizz with demos.

That’s right! I said MISERABLE and VERY AVERAGE! Expecting to land sales with every single cold call (especially when I have never done it before) would be a mistake. My goal for the coming week is not based on success, but rather failure. I would love to get 5-10 rejections a day from my cold calls. I would also like to see poor percentages in terms of open and reply rates in my email campaigns (wordpigeon and 8designers are my first large scale campaigns). Finally, any piece of work, especially videos from team members, get MASSIVE feedback the first time around. My initial presentation on cold calling will undeniably be subject to huge criticisms, places to improve, and things I’ve done well. It is after this that I can create an above-average presentation on cold calling that can go on Pearl Lemon’s youtube account.

On a personal note, a few months ago, I took a big halt in my athletic endeavors. I used to be a full-time cross country and track athlete. Unfortunately, a major knee surgery told me otherwise. It has now been 7 months since the surgery and I just started running again! Although I still don’t feel quite as strong as I should,  this is definitely a huge step for me in my recovery.

I am learning new ways to love and efficiently work at Pearl Lemon. A lot of this can be attributed to my one-on-one convos or calls with our CEO Deepak Shukla, but the book I read also played a huge factor in this. Writing out a to-do list the night before work may seem like a small thing, but when having an actual plan prepared and ready to be executed for the next day, you WILL SEE hours of time saved. 6-hour workdays can be turned into 3. This is especially important for someone operating in a remote working environment. When you wake up the next morning and open the computer, everything you have to do/accomplish is already laid out in front of you. If I ever don’t get to something, it simply gets transferred to the next day. Sometimes, I find that tasks continue to move over from to-do list to to-do list. This just shows that some tasks might not be as “important” or “urgent” as you thought they might have been!

Looking forward to failures in the week ahead, and I can’t wait to touch base with you next week!

Benjamin Schneider

Digital Marketing Executive at Pearl Lemon 🍋