Hey again guys,

On to my third blog post for my time at the company, this week has been involved in some video editing and subtitling for Deepak’s course videos, and a re-draft of my design with The Fitness Group.

HappyScribe is a platform that transcribes and subtitles your videos automatically. A nifty tool for making quick edits rather than performing the job manually. I used to do that for a 5 minute video, and took me 2 hours, so never again. It’s great to see Deepak wanting to please his audience better with features like this and looking forward to seeing the final product.

The video subtitling task is a very long process, but the satisfaction of getting 30 videos done in a day or two is great. Plus, free advice from Deepak whilst I do it, and some entertainment when words get misinterpreted on the platform.

“Hi chaps, it’s Deepak Shukla, here again with another Startup Bootcamp”

Interesting subtitles I must say, and to see that for so many videos, gives me something to laugh about.

For The Fitness Group, I was given feedback wanting certain elements on the page tweaked, rather than completely redesigned (which is what I did for the first draft). I was a bit disappointed my redesign didn’t quite hit the mark with them, however, I’ll always try to pick myself up and amend any mistakes from feedback. I noticed that I say “feedback” quite a lot in my blog posts, and I’m not sure but it’s satisfying what to give people what they want, and obviously I can’t please everyone but seeing some sort of appreciation for putting in or implementing features that they want is really nice to see! Let’s just say I really got to showcase my skills and knowledge with the company a lot more compared as a freelancer.

Football this week, got incredibly happy Chelsea progressed to the finals of the FA Cup. My blood pressure can finally settle after these dreadful past two weeks.

Hope to see you all again next week!