Hello everyone,


It’s early Saturday afternoon of my 3rd week with Pearl Lemon.


I keep telling myself I’d rather not work on the weekends, but I’ve realised it’s not realistic. Indeed, this morning I interviewed a few applicants who will start their trial week on Monday.


As a rule, content writing – unless your main role is content writer – has to be left for the weekend. So here I am picking up from my last update.


What was I up to this week?






How did I feel during this week?

I started the week definitely more focused and aware of what my role is, what to do and how to do it. I also decided to implement a few tips shared by my teammates, such as working in blocks of two hours spread during the day and preparing a to-do list the night before. These were all great advice and I saw an improvement in my time management, although I am still in the process of finding the routine that works best for me.


What did I learn during this week?

This week I learned I should give myself time to adapt to a new role and routine. Without stressing to find the perfect fit from the beginning, some time and a few attempts will lead me to the best solution.


What’s new for next week?

Yesterday Deepak assigned me a new task to push my learning curve even more. From Monday, I will also work on Lead Generation for Kemistri’s (a provider of financial technology software) Italian market. (I’m not sure if I explicitly stated it before, but yes, I am Italian!). I will tell you more about this in my next post!


What did I do during my free time?

As it’s summer and I’m home, I’m really trying to make the best of the beautiful, sunny and warm Italian weather! I spend a lot of time in my garden – I even work there – and sometimes go to my grandparents’ place. Yes, Italians really value quality time with their families!


Here are the highlights of my time with them.



My grandparents on my dad’s side discovered why their roses stopped growing. Their neighbor’s goat managed to jump on the brickwork and ate them all!

My grandparents on my mom’s side were so proud of finally eating the figs we picked up from their tree!

I hope you enjoyed my post!

Every week I try a different structure to hopefully make my writing more dynamic. All feedback is always welcome, I treasure even the smallest piece of advice!