Heather here :).

What a week it’s been!

So my resolution to churn out more client post/blog work was an epic fail – so much so that I called in the cavalry in the form of Meghan (an awesome fellow Content Writing Partner) to help salvage a piece I’d written last week that needed some help.

SERPWizz content writing has been taking up the bulk of my time this week along with other projects. I was worried this wouldn’t make it to the client in time. 

Luckily, Meghan was gracious enough to help me out – with great success!

The good news is that SERPWizz is close to being launch-ready, which I’m hoping means I might actually get back to writing standard client stuff next week (fingers crossed).

Here’s a recap of my projects this week:




Ah, the wonderful world of SEO wizardry!

I’ve teamed up with Tannistha (yes, THE Tannishtha) to create some fab templates for SERPWizz customer emails. Alongside this, I also wrote a mock-up for the About Us page. Both of these projects were a lot of fun as the whole tone of SERPWizz is friendly and magic-pun themed – meaning I can get creative! 

It wasn’t all fun and games, however. In fact, I actually created my first ever spreadsheet (I have an irrational fear of Excel, alright?) to compile all the technical content for the website, such as report field descriptions (which I wrote), errors found, etc. 

This was a great experience as I was able to get a better understanding of what actually goes into creating a website – also, I can use fancy tech terms like ‘data points’ in their proper context (I hope)!

Next week, I’m going to get cracking on content for the SERPWizz blog – mainly VS posts comparing it with other audit tools, but will see what other tasks I’m going to get assigned!


Pearl Lemon Partnership Blog:

The Partnership Blog is getting a major overhaul right now, and it’s all hands on deck! 

Everyone is being asked to contribute suggestions for improvement, but Noah and I are writing up some new content. He’s handling the new Partner Competition page (lots of cash prizes to be had) and I’m writing up condensed job descriptions for the various positions available. 

Although this wasn’t too time-consuming, it was a great learning experience as I had no idea there was such a variety of roles needed (or what they entailed)! 




So last week, as per Deepak’s request, I made a brief guide to pitching HARO for Pearl Lemon. Of course, I’m by no means an expert, so found this a bit awkward! The team was great, of course, and thanked me for my (questionable) contributions. 

Speaking of HARO, Deepak decided to start a contest for media mentions – right before he wiped out my 2-point ‘advantage’ (which basically means I have zero chance at winning now that the actually-talented people are involved). I’ve managed to stick to my 3 pitches a day, though – and I did get the promise of a mention or two, although it’s never set in stone until it’s published!

The great thing about this competition is that people are giving HARO a go – which inevitably means more media mentions (nice alliteration there, Heather) for the brand!




I’m still sticking to 2-3 answers a day, and making a concentrated effort to link as many to Pearl Lemon as I can. I’m quite enjoying the variety of questions on offer and sharing my (admittedly, questionable) life views! 

Also, I’ve gotten like 7 upvotes in total, so I’m clearly at the zenith of popularity…



I still need to work on balancing other commitments alongside actual internal and client blog posts!



Getting two possible media mentions via HARO, as well as the prospect of working with Daniel (another great team member) to get PR training next week!