Hello Everybody!!

It’s Isabela again, this is the third time I’m talking to you guys about my week and I feel like every week is getting even more exciting.

This week was a lot of adapting, as I mentioned last week I have just moved back to university for my last year. This has been really thrilling for me as I haven’t been able to live by myself and being in my university city since about March, as I had to move back home due to the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK. Therefore, moving back has been really strange as I had to adapt new things that I had acquired into my routine during lockdown to my university life. Another challenge has been balancing my social life, university life and my partnership with Pearl Lemon. During the past week, it wasn’t as hard as I had expected as I didn’t have any actual lectures or content to go through and it was all just introductory. Nonetheless, this week ahead of me looks scary in that sense since I’m starting to have lectures and having content to go through. A plus of this year is that it is all online, so balancing my university work and partnership work won’t be that hard since for both of them I can freely manage my time as I want to.

Now let’s talk about what I’ve been doing this past week for Pearl Lemon. Right now I’m working in three different projects we are about to launch: ResumeCats, Omnireach and Plant Sumo. In ResumeCats🐱 I am the Marketing Manager. I have to control all the marketing strategy, social media content and all things related to marketing. I have been working with both Baris and Lokesh, both form part to our latest additions to the team. Baris is our Head of Growth and Lokesh our SEO director. Working with both of them has been so much fun and both of them have been bringing new ideas to the team that will help us a lot in the future. And I am really excited to see how everything goes for ResumeCats as every day we are closer to launching!

On the other hand, I am also working in the Plant Sumo🌱 team. I am the brand and social media manager. This week I started working on an Instagram client list, we will be using this list so that in the nearby future when we are closer to launching we can personally contact the most people that could be interested in our product. This was very time consuming, however, I learnt to do something new and the work that I did was approved and now taken as a reference for any other projects and products we have got in Pearl Lemon! This made me really happy since I’ve been having many thoughts of me not being good enough for this and that I’m not contributing enough to the team. As a consequence, this has helped me a lot to see my worth and that I’m capable of doing amazing things. Also, I’m now the new social media manager for Plant Sumo, this is a huge step and a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. However, as I’ve been seeing throughout my time in Pearl Lemon, this is just another learning experience and that I will be able to successfully achieve with the help of our team.

And finally, the last project I’ve been working on is Omnireach, an automated outreach tool that is in development at the moment. What I’ve been doing for this is connecting with as many people I can, talk to them about our tool and try to get them on a call with Sam. This is interesting as I get to meet so many different people and try to get them interested in our product, without persisting too much. Right now, I would say I’ve had about five leads, and many people that are interested but are too new into their role to be able to make this decision for their company. In this following weeks, I will be making new searches as I have way more connections now and see if I get more people on board!

So this is how my week went. I am excited to see how the following week goes and talk to you guys about it!

See you all next week,