I made it home!

After 27 hours of driving spread over 3 days, 1,805 miles (2,904km) and 8 states, I made it all the way home to Albany, New York from Boulder, Colorado!

The trip honestly wasn’t too bad. Definitely glad it’s over but it was pretty manageable. Listened to some cool podcasts on the way which made it much more enjoyable.

One was a true-crime documentary, the other a fictional mystery drama. Those aren’t the podcasts I usually listen to but I wanted to try something new and I’m really glad I did.

Since I’ve been home I haven’t done much. I got tested for COVID-19 (not showing any symptoms just want to be safe) so I’ve been laying low until I get the results back.

I’ve mostly just been spending time with my family and my dogs. Having two dogs has been HECTIC!

The new one (Bella) is only 1 year old so she’s full of energy and keeps pestering my other dog, Charlie. We used to think he was crazy, but Bella makes him look so calm and mature.

(Bella is lying down. Charlie is standing up)

Other than that I’ve just been trying to get a lot of writing done for Pearl Lemon.

I’ve done a ton more guest posts this week, and I’m getting way more efficient at them.

Something I learned while writing them is how to write different posts about the same topic.

Some of the guest posts have very similar target keywords and topics. For example, one post I wrote was about small business SEO services and the other about local SEO services.

They are very similar, so to avoid being repetitive, I took a different angle on each.

For the local SEO post, I wrote an introductory guide to what local SEO is. For the small business SEO one, I wrote about how an outsourced SEO company can help your small business.

I’ve also had to do the same for FOREX investing, lead generation and other topics, and it is really helping my creativity.

The only other content I have finished was a client post for Timoteo called Get Your Kink On With Cellblock 13. I don’t think I need to say any more about that.

I am also continuing to make progress on a piece for our internal site. It’s about creating a Podcast Outreach Strategy to appear on podcasts to help with lead generation.

I’ve had fun writing about that because I’ve gotten really into podcasts the past year (as you can probably tell since this is the second time I’ve mentioned them). A couple of my buddies and I have actually been working on starting a podcast for the past several months.

It’s still in development and we’ve had a lot of creative changes but we’re making progress and getting better! As soon as we drop our first official episode I’ll be sure to let you guys know because I can tell how excited you are for it.

Speaking of podcasts, Dee asked if someone wanted to appear on podcasts for Pearl Lemon, and I volunteered. I don’t know exactly what this will involve yet. Like will I be on a Pearl Lemon podcast? Or will I appear on other podcasts representing Pear Lemon?

Either way, I pumped about it.

Dee and I are going to talk about it next week, so if anything comes of it I will definitely be writing it in here.

Alright, I still got some words to kill, so what else have I been up to… ah yes. Star Wars!

Star Wars is by far my most favorite thing of all time ever in existence, (don’t worry, this will relate to me being a partner at Pearl Lemon, I promise).

I’m not a huge gamer, but I do enjoy my fair share of video games, and one of my favorite ones is Star Wars Battlefront II on the Xbox One.

I don’t have my own Xbox, so I typically only play it at home when I can use my little brother’s.

And since I got home I’ve been playing it again, and let me say I haven’t missed a beat. I’ve been absolutely killing it as Luke Skywalker, saving the galaxy one battle at a time. I truly am one with the force.

So, how does this relate to Pearl Lemon? Time management.

I am not always the best with that, and it can be really easy for me to get caught up playing that game. I mean, trying to take over the galaxy is no quick feat. It takes time, patience and ambition, and a strong connection to the force and… I’m getting distracted.

Point is, I’m pretty proud how I’ve been able to limit my time playing it, making sure I have enough time in the day to be productive.

I don’t want to cut myself off completely, because I enjoy playing it, and I think it’s good mentally to take breaks doing something you enjoy, but I’m glad I’m not letting it affect my work.

One thing I can do though that I think will help my productivity is to clean my room.

Not because my mom told me to. I’m an adult for crying out loud.

But I simply need to. I want to set up a space where I can get away and grind out some work.

I think this will help mentally because I sometimes have trouble doing work at home.

Usually, when I come home it’s after a semester of school is over, so I associate this house with being done. I think setting up an office type area will help me get in the mindset of “work” to be more productive.

It’s also just a bit distracting in the dining room where I’ve been setting up.

Literally, as I’m writing this, my two dogs have been running through the house manically barking because my neighbor is in our driveway returning our truck that he borrowed.

Well, that’s pretty much been my week.

Until we meet again…