Hi Everyone! The week has absolutely flown by. I’ve been super busy but it’s been really fun!!

Highlights Of This Week 

Plant Sumo Team Interviews

As I’m sure you remember from my blog last week, I  interviewed another Partner, Noah who is running a pearl lemon-based podcast.


 It was very successful in terms of me being more natural and relaxed on the podcast. Deepak has said to me multiple times now I have a distinct ‘camera voice’ I put on when I speak to the camera and I want to get rid of it. 


I don’t know if this is essential content he wants, or if it is more so a way of improving my podcasting skills before launch but he wants me to interview the entire Plant Sumo team. 


Using my you.can.book.me link I’ve asked everyone to book a slot. I’ve interviewed Deepak, Salim, Lydia, Isabel and Paula so far. Still need to do Kaushal and Sahil, and I think Federica is now a part of the business. 


There were two specific interviews I did which I felt taught me a lot- out of the five I have done so far. 


Naturally, as soon as I mentioned I may be free the next day Deepak booked himself in for a slot. I definitely wasn’t terrified. 😅


Although it wasn’t bad, the conversation I actually thought flowed quite well from topic to topic, I was definitely a bit stiff and audibly nervous. Obviously part of it is:


  1. He’s my boss so I’m more self-conscious about making a good impression which in turn makes me seem stiff and reserved.
  2. He’s done a ton of stuff and has a lot to say. I also recently found out he was a rapper- who can say they have a successful business and also 10 years in the rap game?


I felt like the whole interview If I interrupted or interjected what would I be adding? It’s difficult I feel to try to match someone in conversation when you have considerably less life experience.


 I’m unsure to what extent I should focus more on naturally facilitating a platform to hear my guests ideas and to what extent I should be more of a conversational partner.


Interviewing Deepak has given me a lot to think about- especially in regards to how I overthink being on camera. 



I would say the best interview of my week was with Paula, the digital marketer for Plant Sumo. 


I’ve worked with her extensively already and she’s not only very professional and good at what she does but also charming and friendly.


 I feel like she’s an old friend from years back even though I’ve only met her online a couple of weeks ago. It’s weird, we just immediately clicked in my eyes. 


The conversation flowed really smoothly and had several really funny moments. 

What I have learnt from this: 


  1. Once you feel comfortable, the rest just comes naturally. 
  2. Because I feel like I can joke around her, and not take things as seriously It actually made the podcast a lot more entertaining. Basically- working it up to be something serious in my head is a self-fulfilling prophecy. 


Completing Client Content And Blog Posts 


I have spent a lot of time this week working on seven 1.5k  client category posts for Family Gifts.Co.


Partly because I was unsure of what was wanted in regards to content as the posts are descriptors for different categories of gifts. I thought considering the descriptions for these collections are typically 200-400 words it must be mislabelled. 


It turns out it was actually 1.5k words, to implement our SEO strategy based on specific keywords. I was exhausted after doing them all, so I’m really proud to have them finished.


This week I also completed two blog posts for Clad Home, which were needed urgently. I wrote one on furniture trends in 2020 and one on choosing the perfect sofa to fit your lifestyle. 


Atit who is the link builder for content said they looked ok, so I’m hoping that’s still the case! 


Heather and Noah (who are also content writers) are absolutely killing it with all the guest and client posts. I think I need to pull my weight a bit more and contribute more. Ill do so next week! 


Moving Up To London 


I forgot to mention…I am moving up to London! Yay! I’m studying a masters in media and communications at London Goldsmiths alongside my partnership so I’m excited about the move!


This also potentially means I could be more involved on the vlogging side of Plant Sumo, which excites me. I will also likely be meeting everyone- including Deepak and Salim who founded plant sumo- at some point, which is sure to be interesting.


Feeling really comfortable and content in my new flat, and ready to explore everything London has to offer! I hope we don’t go into another lockdown, but if we do I’ll still find ways to enjoy myself. 


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