Weekly Partner Update: Week 3

Three weeks into my partnership with Pearl Lemon!

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This week has been a strange one – I injured myself last week and have had to rest.  But I got my work for the week done!

I did two guest posts, both of which were very interesting as always.  One was about buying a car in Oman.  I learnt about the extremely varied geography of Oman: it has sandstorms, harsh winds, intense heat, and more.  So there are a lot of challenges when buying a car there, it has to be able to deal with those conditions.

buying a car in oman

I also got to read about some legal procedures in Oman, which generally sound quite strict.  Not going through the proper channels when buying or selling a car there can have big repercussions.  This was a pleasure for me to read about as I would love to visit Oman.  In fact, I would love to go to every country in the world over the course of my life.  I wonder whether I’ll be able to achieve that.  That’s one amazing part of being the head of state of a politically significant country, you get to visit so many different places (for free).  Not only that, but you get special treatment – the red carpet, food, and cultural experiences.  I suppose that would somewhat make up for the stress of the job?

My second guest post was on CBD oil and hemp oil.  I’m very grateful to have done this post as I learnt a lot of relevant things during the process.  I like CBD, I find it very helpful for relieving stress at times, so I’m keen to learn more about it.

CBD oil and hemp oil

I didn’t even know that hemp oil was a thing; I certainly couldn’t have differentiated it from CBD oil, but now I can!

CBD and hemp products, like moisturisers, are very good for skin apparently.  I may try that out.  I find it fascinating how this thing has come into the market so recently and suddenly opened up a huge new sphere of products.  I wonder if it is just a fad (perhaps spurred on by the naughtiness surrounding something that comes from the cannabis sativa plant) or if it will long be a feature of the health and beauty worlds.

My last thing to do for the week (which I have just done) is to figure out how to put these partner updates up on the website.  Luckily I haven’t been left to figure how to do this by myself – there is a bunch of helpful material that has been made by Lydia on just this topic (sorry, anyone else who’s also made material on this, I think I’ve only seen Lydia’s).

This is just one example of Pearl Lemon’s great culture of communication, helping, and learning.  People are always encouraged to let others know immediately if they are having any issues.  You are then met (usually pretty quickly) with a video of exactly how to do the thing you’re confused about, or a written explanation if that is quicker.  I think this is probably a core part of what makes Pearl Lemon, an entirely remote-based company, work so well – quick communication and assistance.

If it weren’t for my injury I’d have had some more substantial things to say about the week just gone.  Instead you’ve had to put up with my ramblings, I hope they have been entertaining enough.

Pearl Lemon is a very supportive group of people.  I was made to feel comfortable and that I could take time off this week if I needed to.  I’m very grateful for that and for the general work culture and atmosphere of Pearl Lemon, which is very welcoming but also focussed.

I’m looking forward to starting my fourth week with strength, I’m amazed it’s gotten to that stage in what feels like no time!