The beginning of this week was about trying to get my 5000 word ‘Ultimate Guide to Airbnb SEO’ finished. This piece of work is very different to other blog posts as its an in depth guide on how to apply SEO techniques, it requires a different frame of mind to creative writing.

Working on the guide reminded me of being back at Uni doing coursework, and how much I enjoy getting stuck into a good project. I’ve noticed how hard it is to not become too precious over the content I produce, as with a piece of work like this – it almost never feels finished, there is always more I could add before getting it out.

I’m noticing that I feel happier structuring my days so that I work in the morning or the earlier part of the day at least. I’ve had days where I’ve needed to cook, clean or run errands first and consequently ended up working late into the evening-  although a benefit to working my own hours is the freedom to choose,  I’m finding the early half of the day tends to be when I’m at my most productive, so I’ll be aiming to structure my days to reflect that from now on.

It’s an exciting time because I’m now working on new business venture – Plantsumo – a vegan meal prep delivery service we are starting here in London. This is entirely different content to the types of topics covered with Pearl Lemon and will definitely keep my days filled with variety.

For the last part of the week I met with the Plantsumo team and started putting together website content for our new brand. Having maintained a website of my own in the past, this type of short hand content came naturally to me and made a perfect contrast to writing guides and client posts previously.

As for the guitar lessons, well…. I’ve sort of, started dating the teacher.

Either that’s the road to success or the perfect way to wave goodbye to any dreams of realising my inner rock star.

To see how that story ends, you’ll have to tune in another time folks!