Week 3 – Oct 19th 

Spent the majority of this week editing the Plant Sumo and Pearl Lemon Academy presentation. They’re both pretty much done which is exciting news. I finally figured out how to work Trello and Clockify so now my work schedule is much more organised looking which we like very much! 

I ended up re-doing the Pearl Lemon Academy presentation rearranging the information hoping it’d be clearer. Plant Sumo one is practically done, just some small edits left so that’s good news! I decided to let Pearl Lemon use my LinkedIn account for Lead generation. I was a little worried at first as I was unsure what it entailed but hearing how it went for other coworkers I said decided why not, can’t hurt. If anything it’ll help me find more connections for the future! I had a meeting with the digital signage company about my first task which was exciting. 

I finally got around to editing the blog posts I wrote for La Dolce Studios too. Ended up having quite a bit to edit but it’s all good. I’m not used to the writing style but as time goes on and hopefully the more I write the more I’ll get a hang of it and can get it done efficiently. 

Went to the gym for the LBT class once again and just like last week, my ass got kicked. You’d think I would’ve gotten used to it by now but nope, felt like I haven’t worked out in months. One day I’ll feel fit again, one day! 

Began the new task for the digital signage company and one for another client. Hopped on a meeting with the head of marketing who I’m working with to discuss everything. Turns out for both clients the tasks are more writing assignments which is exciting for me as I enjoy writing, and I hope I can get involved with more writing tasks as time goes on!

Had the weekly Pearl Lemon Academy and Pearl Lemon team meeting. This week I was a lot more social during the meeting which was fun. Dee asked me to lead the conversations which I rather enjoyed. Got to know people more and put names to faces. On Saturday I met a new coworker who I’m going to assist with creating new content for the social media platforms. We tossed all good ideas around and hopefully, we can get it all up and running soon so we can get Pearl Lemon on the map more!

This week was more chill for me which was what I needed after last week. Trello is helping me organise all my tasks alright and managing my time. Still struggling a bit with separating work and life and being a perfectionist but I’ll get there. 

Overall thoughts of week 3: A little more relaxed but still challenging. Enjoying my time regardless and I look forward to meeting new people as my tasks jump around from team to team