Happy Monday rather than Sunday. I am a third of the way into my day at just shy of 3 pm. Aiming to get to reach 3.5-4 more hours today.

I was a bit under the weather yesterday, so a lot got put off until today. It will be a busy week as a result…aiming at 5.5-6 hour work days this week, so if I can reach that I will average 38.5-42 hours.

This last week has been very similar to the week before. We are bringing on new people to trial for another writer and this previous trialed digital marketers for SERPwizz and Resumecats. Both those positions got filled.

Once this week is done, most onboarding will be done and after next I can go back to fully focusing on my own tasks rather than spending half my time reviewing tasks. Which…that is not all bad, but days when my trello fills up, it just gets difficult to get to.

This week my biggest lesson learned has been within leadership. I have been taking weekly Udemy courses for the last couple of weeks to substitute reading. This week I focused on leadership.

I was able to learn the 7 different main leadership styles and hybrids of each. These are designed for situations rather than just people. My management class taught “you are one type of leader and that is it” while this lesson taught “you are one main type personality wise, but change based on the company.” This is a much better way to approach leadership as it shows the ability to adapt.

This upcoming day and week will consist of a lot of content geared items. I will be auditing sites for FAQs, CTAs, repeat content and videos. They are time consuming to a degree, but allow for good focus.

This past week has felt a 6-7 for productivity. Onboarding simply takes a lot of time and my main focus was revamping blog content.

Every blog piece needs to get to 1500 words or close to without being fluffy and I have found we have a good amount of 500-600 word fluffy, sales pitch sounding blogs, so it takes about an hour to fix each one.

I am counting down weeks as it is the end of July. 2 weeks until I can order books and 4 weeks until fall term starts. Very ready to wrap up my final year in my BBA. Then 18 months after MBA.

Also outside of Pearl Lemon life is a bit more exciting. March 2021 we are adding to the family…I think I am a little nuts, but ready. New born, toddler, puppy, and final term all at once. I am also excited that my ACORNS portfolio has been recovering very well since pandemic began.

All in all, this blog will be a bit shorter than the usual. As it is Monday and there are also my usual items to take care of… a great deal needs to be done.

Until Sunday 🙂